Is going to Antarctica is an easy or a dangerous thing?

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Antarctica is the highest, driest, darkest, windiest, coldest continent on earth. For humans and all other animals, it is a totally dangerous place. In this case, dangerous in the sense that there is no vegetation, no food chain, and there is constant wind and extreme cold.

Animals that are equipped to survive cold weather do so based on their bodies having a layer of blubber that keeps their bodies warm. These animals, such as penguins and seals, come to the coast of Antarctica to breed. Once their young have fledged, the animals return to the sea, which is warmer that the open air in this polar environment.

You cannot take any commercial flights to Antarctica. Cruise ships cruise the warmer parts of the sea around Antarctica, and spots on these vessels can be very expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars or pounds.
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Dangers in Antarctica?

The greatest danger to all animals there, including humans, is death by freezing. Frostbite is also a danger, but one can recover from frostbite. Because it is an extreme geography, much like wilderness anywhere, becoming lost and disoriented is possible. Once separated from any survival resources, ( Full Answer )

What are the dangers of climbing a mountain in Antarctica?

Mountain climbing on its own is dangerous, requiring advancedskills, courage and resourcefulness. Climbing in Antarctica can be especially dangerous, given itsextreme climate and the lack of any local facilities to care foryou if you have any kind of accident.

What are the dangers in Antarctica?

The extreme cold is certainly an issue, and according to the Vostok website, the low CO2 levels there cause problems also! Antarctica is the highest, driest, darkest, windiest, coldest and iciest continent on earth. Its extreme cold can be deadly.

Is the temperature of Antarctica dangerous?

I think so. A lot have people have died in Antarctica because of the weather.. Because Antarctica is a "polar" region, there is no precipitation, it has no lakes or rivers and is in fact the driest continent.. Average temperatures in the Antarctic interior get down to -70 degrees Celsius during th ( Full Answer )

Is Antarctica dangerous?

For humans, this is the most extreme location on earth making the number one danger survival on the driest, coldest, darkest, windiest and highest continent.

What are things not to do in Antarctica?

Every government that supports a research station on the continenthas a different set of rules for actions that are not allowed bythe temporary workers who live there. Mostly, the rules preventaccidents, injury and death based on the extreme environment. For example, confinement to market trails for ( Full Answer )

What is the greatest danger to antarctica?

People are, which is why the Antarctic Treaty was established and signed by 12 nations in 1959, including Argentina, Australia, Belgium Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, USSR (Russia), South Africa , the United Kingdom and the USA. The Treaty applies to the region south of 60 degrees lati ( Full Answer )

Why go to Antarctica?

Antarctica is one of the most exotic places on earth: the highest, driest, windiest, coldest and darkest continent. People who go to Antarctica are either tourists or scientists. Tourists travel to Antarctica in ships and remain near the edge of the continent, eating and sleeping on the ships, ( Full Answer )

What is the most dangerous animals in Antarctica?

Leopard seals are the top Antarctic predator. At up to 12 feet and1000 lbs they can do a lot of damage. Fortunately, they hunt in thewater. they like chicken buts in a fat coconut It is the leopard seal and the orca (killer whale). Probably, the most dangerous animal on the Antarctic continent isth ( Full Answer )

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What are three things about Antarctica?

Antarctica is the highest, darkest, driest, windiest, coldest andiciest continent on earth. You can pick any three that fit yourcriteria for 'things'.

How dangerous is Antarctica?

Antarctica is the coldest continent on earth. If you are not prepared for this extreme cold weather, you can freeze to death.

What are the dangers to Antarctica?

There are massive cracks in the ice which has split and could go down several metres. If it was dark and you couldn't see where you were going then you would fall down and not be able to get out.

What things are dangerous?

many things are dangerous.even your mouth can be dangerous for you. . Fire . Children Playing With Fire . Weapons . Ninjas . Wild Animals . Sharp Objects . Hackers, Criminals, and Spammers . Roller blading, Skateboarding, Biking, Extreme Sports, and other extreme activities. . Extreme W ( Full Answer )

What Things you should know about antarctica?

What you need to know is that there are many species of penguins in Antarctica. You should know that it there is snow in Antarctica. You should also know that there are polar bears in Antarctica. Kayla

How do living things survive in Antarctica?

Antarctica is not so bad in the summer. With the constant sunlight you get large plankton blooms which feeds whales and fish. The fish can then be eaten by bigger fish, birds and penguins.Most animals do not stay in Antarctica over the winter. Instead they migrate north to South America or the Arcti ( Full Answer )

What dangers are there to people in Antarctica?

Antarctica is an extreme, cold weather, polar environment. Dangersinclude exposure to these extreme conditions. In the case of anyaccident, there are no medical facilities or rescue facilities thatare easily available. An unprepared person could die from hypothermia, falling into acrevasse, or thirs ( Full Answer )

What dangers are there in Antarctica?

Antarctica is the highest, driest, windiest, darkest, coldest andiciest continent on earth. It is an extreme polar environment wheresurvival of animals -- including humans -- is not easy. Principally, freezing to death is the greatest danger. However,having an accident with no access to rescue and h ( Full Answer )

What are the danger for the Emperor Penguin in Antarctica?

Emperor penguins are sea birds, and are part of the natural foodchain in the sea. They breed on Antarctica's beaches, because there are no landpredators there. However, their chicks are prey to other breedinganimals, such as the Skua and seals.

What are dangerous things in Antarctica?

You could die from hypothermia, fall into a crevasse with no rescueavailable, slip into the Southern Ocean wearing your extreme coldweather gear and drown, or approach an adult breeding sea birdprotecting its chick and be attacked.

Why are crevasses a danger to travellers in Antarctica?

A crevasse, regardless of where it's located is a deep canyon of ice. Unless you fall onto a ledge, you'll fall to the deepest "V" in the crevasse. Over time -- and not a very long time, you'll freeze to death because of being wedged between two ice forms. You are immobile and probably injured. I ( Full Answer )

When can you go to antarctica?

It's a good idea to plan any travel to the Antarctic continent during the season when you can actually reach the continent. Generally, then, between late November and late January are the best times.

Why are crevasses a danger in Antarctica?

Crevasses are a danger anywhere you find them. Why? When you fall into a crevasse, your torso become wedged between two blocks of ice. When you breathe out, the warmth of your body melts a little of the ice and then when you exhale, your body slips further into the wedge. Death soon follows.

Is it easy to breathe in Antarctica?

Yes. The air, however, is always freezing cold, so best practices dictate that a person wear a balaclava, in order to prevent the inhalation of ice crystals into the lungs.

Why is antarctica so dangerous?

Antarctica is the most extreme place on earth: the coldest, driest,darkest, windiest and highest continent. It is essentiallyuninhabitable.

What is the most interesting thing about Antarctica?

You can choose from the continent being the highest, driest,windiest, coldest, darkest and iciest on earth. Whichever of thoseis most interesting to you is the answer you want.

Are the animals in Antarctica in danger?

There are no land animals on Antarctica. The only danger to the sea life in the Southern Ocean thatsurrounds Antarctica is the natural danger afforded in any animalthat is part of any food chain.

Why are penguins the most dangerous animal in Antarctica?

No animal lives on Antarctica, but penguins are among the sea birdsand sea mammals that visit the beaches to breed. For a human, getting too close to an adult penguin during thisseason means that the penguin can break a human's arm with adefensive blow, meant to protect their chick from the human.

What dangers can occur to humans in antarctica?

Antarctica is an extreme environment, so freezing, rapid dehydration, ozone-hole-sun burns to the skin, are all dangerous. As well, since there is no medical facility nearby, falling, breaking a limb, a medical emergency of any kind can be fatal or at least crippling. On the beach, if you approac ( Full Answer )

What dangers does developing Antarctica have on the environment?

• it affected the animals • affects the landscape • it can affect the climate • it damages the ice • damages the climate And • changes Antarctica That area has been saved from the over imposing influence of human interference by its virtually unassailable ( Full Answer )

Why is ultraviolet light more dangerous in Antarctica?

There is a hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctic continent,that opens when the sun comes up. Ozone protects other parts of theearth from these rays. The ultraviolet light can burn human skin permanently, and has alsobeen connected to some physical abnormalities in animals on othercontinents in ( Full Answer )

Why glaciers in Antarctica dangerous?

For humans, the most dangerous aspect of glaciers in Antarctica are the crevasses that develop as the glaciers slide off the continent. They are largely invisible until you step into one. Rescue is hours, perhaps days away; full service hospitals are a day or two away and finally, death from hypot ( Full Answer )

What are the things that can be seen in Antarctica?

Breeding animals, sea ice -- icebergs -- mountain nunataks and the ice sheet. The light, the pollution-free vistas, the Southern Hemisphere full of stars -- only in darkness -- and more, can all be seen in Antarctica.

What are the natural dangers in Antarctica?

Extreme cold, hurricane force winds, crevasses, no sun rises for days, weeks or months, lack of any form of survivable landscape assets, extreme dryness -- all are dangerous for humans in Antarctica.

What dangers are there to humans in Antarctica?

Antarctica is the highest, driest, coldest, darkest, windiest and iciest continent on earth. The danger for humans there is death from exposure to the elements.

What are the dangers when you are on an expedition in Antarctica?

Expedition dangers include, and are not limited to: . Freezing body parts, including the whole body . Falling into a crevasse with no hope of being rescued . Starving to death because of low caloric intake . Going mad because of the isolation, cold, wind. darkness,dryness, or other . Failing t ( Full Answer )

Is there any living thing on Antarctica?

There are two types of grasses that grow in a few small areas onthe western slopes of part of the Antarctic Peninsula. There aremosses and a tiny bug that live there, again on the peninsula. Otherwise, 98% of the continent is covered with an ice sheet whichmeans that no land animals are present, and ( Full Answer )

Why not to go to Antarctica-?

The reasons to not visiting Antarctica are there are limited numberof restaurants, gas stations and cities to explore. The populationis relatively low compared to most international tourist areas andwinter weather conditions are harsh.

Why is Antarctica a dangerous place for divers to study?

Divers work for scientists interested in studying Antarctic watersin search of data to analyse -- about the health of planet earth. One danger is the saltwater temperature, which can fall as low as27 degrees F before it freezes. This means that when fresh water isintroduced into the saltwater, colum ( Full Answer )

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