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Is gold a semimetal?


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No it is a metal. Not a semimetal. A semimeatal is in between metal and nonmetal.


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Yes. It is a semimetal.

Nitrogen is not a semimetal.

A semimetal has the properties of both a metal and a nonmetal. They are also called metalloids.

sodium is a metal; silicon is a semimetal (metalloid); helium and sulfur are non metals

No, titanium is a metal.

no its not. Antimony is a pure element. Antimony is also a semimetal. (Semimetal is a class of elements.) You can find out more about Antimony here. Antimony:

semimetal, nonmetal, and metalloid

Sb is the element antimony, a toxic semimetal.

the varying ability to conduct electric current

The most common semi metal known is silicon. <(*_*)>

Boraks rodzimy, a hard, brittle, lustrous black semimetal.

Boron, Silicon,Germanium, Arsenic, Antimony, Tellurium, and Polonium

semimetals have some characteristics of metals nonmetals and have their own section on the table.

Semimetals are the line between the metals and nonmetals on the periodic table. they are B, Si, As, Te and At

SI, B, As are all solid semimetals at normal conditions

Semimetals have properties of both metals and nonmetals.

No, K, or potassium, is not considered a semimetal. It is considered part of the metal group in the periodic table.

No. Germanium is called either a metalloid or a semimetal, because it ha some but not all of the properties of the metals.

electrical conductivity of semimetal decreases with increase in temperature where as in semiconductors it increases with increases.

Tellurium is a semimetal. Some people consider it a metalloid, but it's not that. The only metalloids I know of are Arsenic and Antimony.

Sn is a metal, it lies to the left of the semi-metal staircase

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