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Defenitly. Any coin with a gold content is worth way more than face value.

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Q: Is gold clad coin that is 9999 worth anything?
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What is a 1960 hong kong coin made out of?

5 cent coin: Brass-clad nickel 10 cent coin: Brass-clad nickel 50 cent coin: nickel-clad copper dollar coin: nickel-clad copper.

What is the value of a clad silver coin?

You need to be more specific. Clad just means the coin is layered.

What is a 1964 clad quarter worth?

It is unlikely that you have a clad 1964 quarter, all quarters dated 1964 should be 90% silver, not the copper-nickel clad of 1965-present. Look on the rim of your coin, if it is a solid color (usually solid white but silver tones easily to different colors) it is silver, if it has a line of copper through it it is clad (compare it with a quarter from your pocket change). If it is clad, it is an error and worth quite a bit of money. If it is silver it is worth about $6 for the silver content.

31 mg of 24Kt gold equals how many US dollars?

so I'm watching t.v. and i see an add telling us how gold prices have skyrocketed and how a gold coin issued by the government has increased in value exponentially...blah blah blah. and then they offer you a chance to get a copy of this non-monetary value coin for only $19.95 (the original asking price was set at $50.00 - but by who?) it is clad in 31mg of .9999 gold, i repeat (as did the announcer on t.v.) .9999 gold, the purest gold you can find! all the while the camera is doing a closeup of this coin which looks rough and badly manufactured. probably a steel or aluminum casting with gold plating. i decide to do a little math. 31mg equals .001093493 ounces (there is another commercial for another gold coin that is clad in 51mg grams of gold). at $1000.00 and ounce that is equal to $1.09 worth of gold. the 51mg coin is clad in $1.80 worth of gold. i don't know who i am more mad at, the people that make these things that prey on uninformed public or the uninformed public that gives these people money to make this stuff.

What is the value of a Kennedy half dollar with no date?

It depends on if it's a 90% silver coin, a 40% silver coin or a clad coin. Also why the date is missing. Take it to a coin dealer it MAY BE worth up to $20.00.

How thick of a layer does a gold clad coin have?

The U.S. doesn't make gold clad coins. If you have a Sacagawea or Presidential dollar with a golden color, it's actually made of brass and is only worth $1. Anything else you get, such as a gold-colored dime or quarter or penny, has been plated either for use in jewelry or as a novelty. The plating is extremely thin, often only a few atoms in depth. It would cost more to remove the gold than it's worth.

Is CEAAI elephant coin copy worth anything?

No, a copy is not worth anything to a collector.

Is a Washington Cathedral coin worth anything?

It is not a U.S. Mint issued coin.

Is the coin worth anything other than good luck?

it all depends on how munch the coin is worth. ( i think?)

How much is a 1973 s Eisenhower proof worth?

The 1973 proof Eisenhower dollars were struck in 40% silver clad and copper-nickel clad. Average retail value of the CN coin is $7.00, the 40% is $14.00.

Is a Piso coin with Jose Rizal on it worth anything?

It is a copper-zinc-nickel clad coin. There were 121,821,000 coins of this type that were minted in 1972. In uncirculated condition it is worth approximately $1.00. The brilliant uncirculated version of the same coin is worth $2.50. A circulated version is worth 25 cents.

What is a 2004s Michigan quarters worth?

The "S" mintmark denotes it's a Proof coin and values are $1.50 to $6.00 depending on the quality of the coin, also if it's a clad or 90% silver Proof.