Is hades a hero

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No; he is a Greek God.

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Q: Is hades a hero
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What Greek hero could not bear to be without his lover Hades?

Hades never had a male lover who was a hero in mythology.

Monteverdi opera hero who descends into Hades?


Is Hades aligned with any greek hero?

Hades and Hercules had a complicated relationship; but Hades seemed to favor Hercules, for he allowed the taking of Perseus and Cerberus from his realm by Hades.

What hero used music to get his loved one from Hades?

Orpheus did.

What were the myths including the greek god Hades?

Hades permitted Heracles to fetch Cerberus from Hell, when the hero presented him with his petition.

Was Hades aligned with any greek hero?

He was associated with both Orpheus and Hercules.

Was hades a hero or villain?

Hades was a villian.because he did alot of horrible things. for instance he stole persphone from her mother.hades was more grueling then anything in the world.

What traits made Aphrodite a hero?

Aphrodite was not a hero. She was a goddess kidnapped by Hades, and as such did nothing to help or end her condition. Stupid cow.

Was the greek god hades a villain or hero?

Neither; Hades was god of death and the dead - the natural fact that one day we will all face death.

How is the Greek god Hades a hero?

This is a hard question. Hades was often portrayed a cold hearted god of death. However some say he was hero because although he was the god of the underworld he wasn't the god of death - Thanatos was. Hades was in charge of seeing over the delivery of newly deceased souls to their proper places. If you were bad, you'd go to Tartarus - Hell. If you were good you'd go to paradise. Hades was in charge of that, without him our souls would never find rest - in Greek mythology Bare in mind it is commonly said Hades was forced to become the god of the underworld as punishment by his brother Zeus. So Hades is mostly considered an anti-hero. But others think different Hope this helps.

What was the cap of invisibility?

It was a cap that made the wearer invisible. It was owned by Hades but worn occasionally by Athena, Hermes, and the hero Perseus

What books are in the series the heroes of Olympus?

The Lost Hero The Son of Neptune The Mark of Athena The House of Hades The Blood Of Olympus

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