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No. Hajj is the name of a pilgrimage by Muslims to Mecca.


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hajj: the journey of hajj is a place of worship !! :)

hajj is not a place, it is the pilgramage to Mecca (where the Kabah is)

hajj is a islamic place

Hajj is not a place. It is the name of a pilgrimage that Muslims do to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Hajj always takes place in the Kaaba, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

the Hajj process take place in different cities of Saudi Arabia ..

The place that Hajj starts is the place where you enter the state of Ihram. Ihram is a sacred state in which a Muslim has to be in to perform the Hajj. In this state, a Muslim is forbidden to cut their hair, nails, wear perfume, have sexual intercourse, kill animals, or cut down trees. Because there are 3 different types if Hajj, there are different places where you put on ihram, which means there are different places where Hajj starts. For Hajj tamatu', the hajj starts from the moment and place you leave to Minna. For hajj Qiraan and Ifraad, a person puts on ifraad at the meeqat, which are points before entering the doors of Makkah. However, there are specific DESTINATIONS as the first place where Hajj starts for a person. For the one who does Hajj Tamatu', the first destination is Minna. For the ones doing Hajj Ifraad or Hajj Qiraan, the first destination is the haram, or where the ka'bah is located.

Hajj takes place in Mecca, In Saudi Arabia in the month of Zilhajj (Islamic Calender's last year).

Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Hajj means "standing before a deity in a sacred place" or "voyage to a sacred place." Mecca is the most sacred of the Muslim cities.

yes. and no place else.

It takes place in Saudi Arabia.

hajj is a pilgrimage for a Muslim because they believe that it takes away sins and a place just all day worshiping god. they go to hajj only if they think that they are the chosen one to go for a hajj pilgrimage and worship god in hajj.

Hajj is obligatory on each Muslim man and woman once in life time. It takes place at Makka (Mecca), in Saudi Arabia.

hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj

The Hajj is not a place. It is a pilgrimage to Mecca that all Muslims must do at least once in their lifetime. Mecca is an important place for Muslims because the prophet Muhammad's was born and lived there.

No. It takes place in Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

it takes place in mecca, a city in Saudi Arabia.

summer and sometime in winter

For this year Hajj (2017) the list already has been published. Check in the place you have applied for.

The hajj is an event that happens once a year, in Mecca, Saudi ArabiaAll Muslims should attend Hajj at least once in their life, if they can afford to do so and are able bodied...Hajj is believed to take place for a minimum of four days.

It is called pilgrimage (or hajj in Arabic)

name of a holy place in hajj

Because it is part of their religious they have to.

Muslims go on a pilgraage called Hajj to the holy city of Mecca . The place of prophet Mahammads birth place, they must go there at least once in their life time.

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