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No, but Hamsters and mice are both rodents

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โˆ™ 2011-11-07 14:08:48
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Q: Is hamster a mouse?
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Can a male mouse be kept with a male hamster?

No, hamsters are territorial, the hamster will kill the mouse.

Which is smarter a mouse or a hamster?

A mouse is smarter.

Who has a better sense of smell a mouse or a hamster?

a hamster

Who is smarter to go in a maze a hamster or a mouse?


Who can get through a maze faster a mouse or hamster?

the mouse

Why is a mouse faster in a maze than a hamster?

it depends on the kind of hamster, like a bigger hamster is normal but a dwarf hamster is very fast so a mouse is maybe the same pace as a dwarf hamster

Is Pikachu a hamster?

In the pokedex infos it is a mouse Pokemon , not a hamster

Can a hamster and a mouse have a baby?


Will a mouse eat a hamster?


Who would win a hamster or a mouse?

A hamster and a mouse, erm, they don't actually fight, but I think depends on the size.

Should you get a mouse or dwarf hamster?

I think a dwrf mouse

Are hamster balls good for mice?

Yes but it really depends on the mouse. If you think your mouse would like a hamster ball make sure it is small and not hamster sized. If your mouse shows any signs of distress once in the hamster ball take it out immediately.

Can a mouse kill a hamster?


What should you buy a stripey mouse or gerbil or hamster?

A hamster because they are cute

Can mice use hamster balls for exercise?

as long as your mouse fits comfortably yes a mouse could use a hamster ball to exercise

Can put a mouse in a hamster cage?

No, mixing different species is not recommended and may end up in the death of the mouse or hamster, or both. The hamster could also chew off the mouse's tail.

Does a hamster have a long tail like a rat or mouse?

No, a hamster has a very short tail.

Who is the fastest runner a mouse or a hamster?

the hamster becausec it is much liter and it has bigger legs

Can a hamster and a mouse mate?

No, they are different species.

What animal is most like a hamster?

A mouse

Will a hamster breed with a mouse?

No, they cannot interbreed.

Is a hamster bigger than a mouse?

Yes They Are

Which is better a pet hamster or mouse explain why?

Hamster because mice stink and hamster like to play more than mice. If you want a playful pet choose hamster an if you want a pet that will just sit around in the cage then the mouse is for you!

Will a hamster go faster through a maze with music or without music?

i am doing a science project on muscial hamster maze. origanally musical mouse maze but i do not own a mouse so im using a hamster.

Can a mouse and a hamster share a cage?

No, they would fight