Is hand and mouth contact to genitalia make you susceptible to and STD?

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That depends on which STD.
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Is there an STD which presents as live or dead worms in the genitalia?

Yes, but it may not be classified as an STD. Blisters that develop that contain worms are usually from 1.) Person having sex with an animal 2.) Person having sex with a corpse

Can you get an STD in your mouth?

Yes you can get STIs in your mouth. . Herpes is the STD that most commonly can spread from mouth to genitals, and from genitals to mouth. It can be transmitted when sores are

Can you get an STD from a hand?

No, hands don't spread diseases, STD are spread sexually, that's how they get their name. Don't count on the previous answer. If you transfer material containing virus's or
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Will hand foot mouth disease make you die?

Yes! If you're not sure check in wikipedia on Outbreaks 1. Go to wikipedia. 2. Type in the search box 'hand foot mouth disease' 3. Look in Outbreaks. 4. Read the info. till 2
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Can you get an STD from close body contact?

depends on if your naked or not if your naked u have a higher chance if your bodies actually touch but if your not then they can not be transferred