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The flooring is all up to you. If you prefer a hardwood floor, go with that. If you want a rug floor, that's okay too. You can always do a combo of them, and make some of your floor hardwood, and the rest rug.


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Yes you can as long as you are not concerned about damaging the underlying floor. If the floor is old and the finish in unimportant to you, you are fine. If you are looking at steam cleaning an area rug which is on a hardwood floor, that's a definite no-no and the as the water and steam can stain or buckle the hardwood.

Yes a rug is a good idea with protecting your hardwood floor. THis is because a rug will help to reduce the scuffs, impact, and dents your bare floors could possibly recieve.

higher on a hard floor...the rug will absorb the bounce

Because the cushion of the rug slows the impact of the ball hitting the floor, but the floor is flat and hard so then the ball doesn't have anything to be cushioned with and bounces back up.

Any rug can leave a residue over time, but soft Latex backed rugs with the little dimpled backing are designed to leave as little as possible. The harder the surface the less damage a rug will do. For example a rug over hardwood will do more damage over time than a rug over ceramic or porcelain tile. The caveat will be dirt, sand or even dust; anything that gets under the rug will act as an abrasive.

A rug is a partial covering for the floor, or, figuratively, a wig or hairpiece.

Heat is transferred from the soles of your feet to a cold floor, by conduction. A rug forms an insulating layer, so the temperature of the top surface of the rug will be much nearer your skin temperature. The temperature drop will be through the rug instead of the layers of your skin.

I'm not familiar with "Maples Rugs," but in general, yes you can use area rugs on hardwood floors. Importantly, though, it is critical that you use an area rug pad underneath ANY area rug. This is important so that a) you don't scratch the hardwood underneath, 2) provides slip resistance, and c) prolongs the life of your area rug.

A washable floor covering is a rug. A rug is different from a carpet because carpet can't be washed in a machine.

It's not a case of the rug being warmer. It's that the tile is very dense, and that conducts away the heat of your feet rapidly - "the floor is cold". The rug traps a lot of air in it's fiber, and the air insulates your foot from the floor.

You can find a white shaggy floor rug from indonesia on the following website: They have a great selection.

take out staples, sand, varnish (there are many finishes, choose one) dark or light, flat or gloss

if the floor is not brown, do a brown rug. if it is brown, do a gray rug

When you have wood floors, you should know that it can get quite cold in the winter time. If you're a millionaire, you can solve this problem with heated floors. For the rest of us, a simple rug will suffice. Finding the right rug isn't hard, you just need something soft that carries warmth well and really ties the room together. The right rug adds a degree of softness to the hardest of hard wood floors and will provide you with the warmth and comfort of a carpeted floor with the elegance and the beauty of a hardwood floor.

A rug pad is not mandatory. However, if placing a large rug on wood or tile floors, the pad will protect the floor underneath from spills and dirt being ground in. It will also protect the underside of the rug from wearing out. Additionally, it will cushion the rug, and keep it in place. If you are placing a large rug on a carpet, no rug pad is necessary.

cover it with a mat until you can repair it, or you can try to scrape it of if on hard wood or something other than rug

There are 2 reasons. First, the chemicals in the polyurethane and the chemicals in the rubber can interact and cause discoloring (usually yellowing or darkening) on the floor. Secondly, and this is true with all rugs, the light will naturally change the color of the wood. If there is a rug atop of it, it will not change like the rest of the floor. If you move your furniture often, keep this in mind.

Measure the diameter of the rug, and match it to the floor for best style.

You can get the Furry Floor in the DIY Shop on Sludge Street on Moshi Monsters. You have to be at least a level 7 to get the Furry Floor. You can get a Fuzzy Rug in Yukea on Main Street in Moshi Monsters. You have to be at least a level 9 to get the Fuzzy Rug.

Yes you can, providing the floor has proper insualtion under the floor heating it will just radiate through the rug.

As wood ages it oxidizes at the surface. We call it Patina when it happened on a fine violin or a piece of furniture, but when you have a ghost image on your floor its not so great. The area under the rug didn't get the light & oxygen to make it age or oxidize the same as the uncovered area so you usually get a light ghost of the rug and a dark outline around it .Other than sand & refinish, only time will heal this. If you remember science class this will have about a 6 month "Half Life" half the shade difference will be gone in 6 months & then half of that in another & so on. But it will always be there if you look close enough.

Two choices are rug or mat.

A bath rug is a mat, usually of some absorbant material, that you step on when you get out of the bath or shower so you don't slop up the floor. It also prevents slipping and perhaps a fall if the floor of the bathroom is tile.

Tile is smooth getting a large contact area.A rug contains lots of air pockets, acting as thermal insulators.This allows cool tile to conduct heat away much faster than a cool rug.If they were both warmer than body temperature the tile would feel warmer for the same reason.

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