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Anthing is possible I would say there is a chance as the level of the hormones reach during the stages of pregnancy even at the beginning could interfer with your sleeping patterns but best advice is to seek help and take a test

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Q: Is having trouble sleeping a sign of pregnancy?
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Can sleeping on your stomache be a sign of pregnancy?


Is trouble sleeping a sign of puberty?

No its not a sign of puberty but definetly stress.

Is having your period one week early a sign of pregnancy?

No, if you cease having a period then that can be a sign of pregnancy.

Pains while having intercourse can that be a sign of pregnancy?

no is not a sign of pregnancy do not worry...

If im having trouble breathing can i be pregnant?

I would not rely on that alone as a sign of pregnancy. When was your last period? If you are unsure if you are pregnant or not, you should take a pregnancy test! Good luck.

Is 'just not in the mood of things' a sign of pregnancy?

Having these mood swings is the exact sign of pregnancy.

Can trouble breathing be a symptom of pregnancy?

Trouble breathing is not a typical sign of pregnancy, however some people experience this as a result of an increase in progesterone levels.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if having your breasts played with irritates you?


Is it a sign of pregnancy if your stomach hurts a lot?

While pregnancy can cause nausea on some women, it should not cause considerable pain. If you think you're pregnant and if you're having abdominal trouble, get to a doctor.

Is having a fever up to 99.2 a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is a sign you are fighting an infection.

Is having restless sleep a sign of pregnancy?

Take a test. There are many signs of pregnancy.

Can sleeping less be a sign of pregnancy?

If sleeping less is your only symptom, probably not. You may sleep less during pregnancy but your main signs of pregnancy are (in order): * swollen/tender breasts * change in color of breasts * fatigue

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