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most likely yes I haven't noticed anything strange in his behavior lately.

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How can you tell if your boyfriend's cheating on you?

if he is allway coming back late not returing your calls acting strange around you making up exuses as why he cant come out ect

How do you find out if your wife is cheating?

*If she starts acting strange when you two are together and especially when you two are not around each other there MIGHT be a sign that there is someone else. If she gets short with you with no legit reason, there MIGHT be someone else.*

Is not acting loving or romantic a sign of cheating?


What are signs of cheating?

their behaviour became so strange

How will you know if your guy is cheating on you?

He will be acting different kind of guilty around you if he is like me (nice, sensitive) there are other things you will notice

What does it mean when your parakeet is acting strange?

It is sick.

How can you tell if your friends friend like you?

You can tell if your friends likes you if he or she has respect for you and if he/she is acting strange towards you. If they are acting strange, that's when you should start to worry about a relationship. But, if they're acting normal then there is nothing to be worried about.

What does it mean when your girlfriend is acting weird?

Dued if your gf is acting weird that means she is cheating on you or she planing a suprise for you.

What are some signs of insanity?

If you start acting strange.

Why is your crush acting so strange?

Because he likes you

What are the signs of your boyfriend cheating?

if hes acting weird you'll know

Why does your boyfriend think your cheating on him when your not?

maybe you have been acting weird to him and he is suspecting that

What does it mean when your boyfriend is contantly accusing you of cheating?

It means: 1) you're cheating, 2) he's insecure, or 3) you're Acting like you might be cheating, or at least not really into him.

How can you tell if your boyfriend is annoyed by you?

If he is suddenly acting really strange around you. If he has stopped texting or calling you. If he ignores your texts and calls. If he says "I'm annoyed at you"

How do you know what guy I like the most?

If you are acting strange or your lips quiver

Why is acting wrong in Islam?

because you can't lie, cheat, or steal for fack because lieing is lieing cheating is cheating and stealing is stealing.

If a hamsters is acting strange by running around during all day and eating and drinkning every 40 or 60 seconds and nibbling on his foot is he sick?

NO, he is normal.

How do you know if a friend loves you?

you will know if they love you because they will start acting strange around u or them, they will do anything to talk to you. they will talk for hours on end, they will comfort you when you are sad.

Why is bearded dragon acting not himself?

This may be a sign of sickness. If your beardie is acting strange and you don't understand why, you need to get it to the vet immediately.

How do you tel if he is cheating?

If he doesn't spend as much time as he used to with u or if he is acting differently

How do you tell if your goldfish is a fantail or a common?

if it is acting strange and not like normal fish

How do you tell your best friend that you think his wife is cheating on him?

just come out and say it cause your friend is gonna notice that u are acting strang when her husband comes around ya

Can cats have a allergic reaction to an insect bite?

Yes, they can. If they do you show signs of irritation around the area he got bitten, or is acting strange, best to get him checked up on by a vet!

In the book the pigman that john and Lorraine are falling in love?

I think John and Lorraine are falling in love with each other because they are acting strange around each other

My rabbit has been acting extremely strange lately is she pregnant?

This would depend on how exactly one defines 'strange'. See related link