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Is headaches a sign of pregnancy?


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no headaches is not a sign of pregnancy, but if you do happen to get pregnant there is a posibility that you could get headaches


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could headach be a sign of pregnancy

You can have headaches during pregnancy but it is not necessarily a sign of pregnancy. Your signs of pregnancy most commonly include: * missed period * tender/swollen breasts * change in color of the breasts * fatigue

They can be, but probably won't be the only symptom.It is indeed possible that headaches can be a symptom of pregnancy. It is quite normal to have more frequent headaches as your body changes in the first trimester. There are several good research sites with this information on it if you search them out or ask.They can be, but they probably won't be the only symptom.I would not consider headaches a sign of pregnancy. Headaches can be a symptom of pregnancy. There are many contributing factors to headaches, even dehydration. A missed period would be a more reliable sign.Hello,Yes they are.ANSWERHEY...I started my pregnancy with the headaches. To this day I still have them everyday or other day. It is a sign of pregnancyThere are a number of causes of headaches in early pregnancy. It can definitely be a sign. You will usually have other symptoms as well.i don't know if i am pregnant i always have headahes,vomitting and sometimes feel backpain.. every night i feel sick..Yes it is a definitely one of the pregnancy signs.Anyone can get headaches, leading to signs many problems humans have. I'm going with no. Although, headaches do occur with pregnancy, they also happen to people who have stress. Pregnancy can be stressful.

It could be possible, or it could be a sign of a fever.

It surely is a sign of'll happen most frequently in the first trimester, when the hormmone level is dramatically high.

Yes, headaches are very common pregnancy symptoms and are caused by the pregnancy hormones

Yes one of the symptoms of pregnancy are headaches.

Not all the time. Could be, but most likely it is something else. Go see a doctor.

Yes. I didn't have either, but I know some friends had both. If you are late you should test.

it may be because of dehydration or of stress go to your doctor and talk to them about it

no but if you throwup or your spitting alot that's a sign. no but if you throwup or your spitting alot that's a sign. no it is not at all. No, the headaches usually start about 12 years after the pregnancy.

Depends.Signs of pregnancy are:CrampsLate periodsCravingsHeadachesHormonesMore hungryEtc....If you have most of them contact your doctor.

Well, those are some of the symptoms of being pregnant. Do you have any morning sickness, any headaches, and finally, have you had any bloating lately?

You need a lot of fluid during pregnancy. being dehydrated is likely the cause of your headaches

Stress is usually the culprit for headaches. However, there are some people that get migraines, cluster headaches and some medications can cause headaches. It's wise to see your doctor and have it checked out. Marcy As this was in Pregnancy FAQs it is doubly important that you get checked as it may be a sign of pre-eclampsia.

they could be, but if that is the only symptom you have i wouldn't relie on it. their are lots of reasond you could have ringing in your ears, but often times you can get headaches when your pregnant, and headaches can cause ringing in your ears too, you should get a pregnancy test or go see your doctor. good luck

Spewing, morning sickness, no period, headaches/migraines, your gut feeling. If you have all of those I recomend to buy a test

yes NO You may be pregnant, but they are not definitive signs. Headaches and heartburn are rarely symptoms of early pregnancy.

It is quite normal to have headaches during pregnancy, due to stress, colds etc, the same as a non-pregnant person.

No, it is not a sign of pregnancy.

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