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heat coming from where? heat from a fire isnt, heat from the sun is.

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Is thermal energy renewable or non-renewable?

Thermal Energy is heat. However, it is only as renewable as the source. If you are burning oil (or any fossil fuel) to produce your thermal energy, then it is non-renewable. If your heat comes from the sun, or some other renewable source of energy, then it is renewable.

What energy source is heat fromEarth's interior?

It is renewable source

What renewable energy source do you use to heat the earth?

Wood, solar energy, wind.

Which is a renewable energy source ?

Geothermal ( apex )

Solar energy is a renewable or non-renewable?

Yes solar heat is a renewable source and i know because we use italmost everyday.

What is the difference between renewable energy and non renewable sources of energy?

renewable source of energy can be regenerated but non-renewable source of energy can not be regenerated.

Is hydrogen a non-renewable or renewable energy source?

hydrogen is a renewable energy source

Is sugar cane a renewable or non-renewable source of energy?

It is A renewable source of energy.

What is the meaning of renewable source of energy?

Renewable energy is an energy that comes from resources which are continually replenished such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat.

Is solar energy a non-renewable source?

no its a renewable source of energy

Which of the following is a renewable energy source?

solar power

Is Hydro-electric a renewable or non-renewable source of energy?

It is a renewable source of energy!

What is a renewable and non renewable energy?

Renewable energy is an energy from a source that can be reused such as Wind Turbines, Water Power.Non-renewable energy is energy from a source that cannot be Replenished.

Is geothermal energy a natral recource?

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source, by using heat from the Earth to generate energy.

Is wave energy a renewable source of energy?

Yes, wave energy (hydro-power) is a renewable source of energy.

What does a renewable energy source mean?

a renewable energy source means that it wont run out

Which renewable energy source uses the heat of earths interior to generate power?


Which renewable energy source uses the heat of earth's interior to generate power?


Is geothermal energy reusable?

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source because the heat is continuously produced inside the Earth.

How is sunlight a renewable energy?

how is sunlight a renewable energy source?

What is the ultimate source of all renewable energy?

The ultimate source of all renewable energy is the Sun.

Is geothermal a renewable energy source?

Depends. Since geothermal energy is using heat from the Earth, it can last forever. However, since Earth is just a planet that is cooling down, it loses heat every year. So it is a renewable energy source for now, until the planet loses its heat. Though in the Earth, there is always some chemical reaction going on, and they produce heat. Therefore, no one is sure if it is a renewable energy source for the future, but it is for now.Yes, it is, the geothermal hot rocks underground keep on making steam only if we keep on feeding it water.Strictly speaking geothermal energy is not renewable as we can't grow or make new energy to replace it. It is however essentially inexhaustible as it is renewed by processes like radioactive decay and tidal friction in the magma.It is not 'renewable' if you mean "can humanity restore it?", as it must with trees, for example.It is self-renewing - the Earth is constantly giving off its heat to water which is close enough to the heat to be warmed by it. It is not diminished to any noticeable extent by our using it.It is not so much a renewable energy source as it is a persistent energy source.It's capacity is theoretically unlimited.In simple terms, it is deemed to be a renewable energy source.Yes its a renewable source because it comes from the Earth and formed from the heat so they take advantage of the heat to make geothermal energy.

Is mechanical energy a renewable energy?

Not in the literal sense of the words "Mechanical Energy". It depends on the source of the mechanical energy.If the source is renewable, like solar or wind generated electricity, then the mechanical energy is renewable.If the source is non-renewable, like electricity from burning oil, then it is non-renewable.

What does non-renewable energy souce means?

Non-renewable energy source means that the source will eventually run out and is not renewable.

Does geothermal renewable?

Geo = earth and thermal = heat. Yes it is a renewable source of energy. Steam engines can be run of this type of energy which will essentially be clean burning fuel.

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