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No way is Hello Kitty evil. hello kitty is nice. She is a child appropriate cartoon character. The FAN ART might be bad but hello kitty herself is good.

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Why do people think hello kitty bad?

Hello Kitty is not mean she is sweat. people think hello kitty is mean cause she dont have a mouth they think hello kitty eat with her nose.

Why is hello kitty bad for Chinese?

yes it is bad because it says hello devil

Who created hello kitty's friends?

hello kitty is so bad if you say no is cause you don't know the real story about it go to google and put is hello kitty bad and it's going to say the real story about hello kitty

Why is hello kitty bad?

listen hello kitty is bad!i had a cousin who loved hello kitty when she was like 6 but heres the bad part:she never talked.she said that she had a dream of god telling her to throw all of her hello kitty things away.the next day she did & thats when she started talking to everyone.she changed alot ever since she throw that thing away.parents dont buy your kids hello kitty you dont want them going mute!

What does hello kitty mean in America?

Hello means she says hello to every one and Kitty means she is a kitty. Hello kitty.

Is there a hello kitty ds game?

Yes, there are quite a few:Hello Kitty: Big City DreamsHello Kitty and friendsHello Kitty DailyHello Kitty PartyHello Kitty: Birthday AdventuresThere is also a Wii game:Hello Kitty SeasonsAlso Gameboy games:Hello Kitty Cube FrenzyHello Kitty: Happy Party Pals

Does kitty mean devil in Chinese?

No in Japanese its demon hello demon is bad every bad!! Bad things happen u suppose to throw away all hello kitty stuff or burn! It brings bad luck!

What language is hello kitty?

Hello Kitty was originally Japanese, and 'Hello Kitty' is the English translation.

Why is Hello Kitty bad or the devil?

Hello Kitty is a cartoon character. She represents a little third grade girl in an alternate universe.

Is hello kitty a bad person?

First, Hello Kitty is a cat not a person. Second, she is not a bad cat. She behaves well, is kind and courteous to others, and is generally just a cute, animated cat.

What is a Hello Kitty Nohohon?

A Hello Kitty Nohohon is a Hello Kitty statue thing that usally works by sun and moves some part of its body. Hello Kitty Nohohon stands for Hello Kitty Relaxation.

How is hello kitty bad?

well is the world hello you could take the o away and put an a and then put the word bad in it then you would get Hella Bad Kitty and there are some pictures of her wearing fishnets and other revealing outfits

Does hello kitty have a cousin?

no, hello kitty does not have a cousin

Is Hello Kitty a Chinese person?

Hello Kitty is NOT CHINESE! Hello Kitty is a toy made in Japan not China.

Where hello kitty leave?

hello kitty doesnt exsist okay! & it's were does hello kitty LIVE get it straight.!

Is the Hello Kitty the devil?

Hello Kitty is most definitely not the devil.

How do you login in hello kitty online?

You would probably go on google and type Hello Kitty online or Hello Kitty or Hello Kitty website or you could type in wwwHelloKitty.com.au/

Is hello kitty cute?

Yeh hello kitty is the cutest cartoon kitty EVER!!!!!!

Sister of hello kitty?

Hello Kitty has a sister called mimmy Hello Kitty also has a more cat version of her called Charmmy Kitty

Where was hello kitty invented?

hello kitty was invented in Japan.

Is hello kitty a dog?

Hello KITTY suggests that it is a CAT.

Has hello kitty got a brother?

No, Hello Kitty does not have a brother.

Are there puppies at Hello Kitty?

Yes, there are puppies at Hello Kitty.

Is hello kitty a book?

Yes, Hello Kitty is a book

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