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Is him the love metal band emo music?


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June 27, 2010 2:04PM

HIM is NOT emo music ..its true..

HIM is a hardcore band some people think that they r even a hardrock fact listen to their latest album``Venus Doom``and u`ll get the image of true hardcore music.

Hardcore?!?!? Seriously, no. They're basically goth metal. NOT emo, NOT hard rock, CERTAINLY NOT hardcore. Black Flag are hardcore.

They are just as you said, Love Metal. They are just believed to be emo because Hot Topic carries all their stuff and puts it right between Twilight and Various emo bands, so then all the little emo kids go ZOMG ITS A NEW EMO BAND and listen to them and go ZOMG THIS AINT EMO! why do you think everyone disses on HIM? its because they ARENT emo! they are considered an emo poser band by many emos, even though HIM have been around since the early 90's.