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Heavy metal is a hard-to-define genre with heavy, distorted guitars, prominent bass and a variety of common lyrical themes. This category is for questions about the genre and the bands that play it.

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Heavy Metal Music

Does the band Anthrax worship the devil?

You could try asking them but don't, they might get offended but unless they say in a song "Hail Satan" then yes they do worship him, but so far they probably don't.

Heavy Metal Music

What is rob zombies brothers band called?

PowerMan 5000

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Heavy Metal Music

What type of music does scorpions play?

Traditional/glam metal.

Heavy Metal Music

The band korn has a clicking sound on almost songs is that a vibraslap or what kind of drums?

It's the bass guitar. Korn tunes their instruments a half step lower, and because bass strings already don't have much tension it creates that clicking. Fieldy also uses the "slap" technique, so that will also accentuate that tone.

Heavy Metal Music

Is hammerfall really a power metal band?

They're generally considered as such, yes. Like most bands of any genre, they will have tracks which fall outside the genre, but the nature of the band remains the same.

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Heavy Metal Music

What do heavy metal bands wear?

They wear some pretty cool stuff!

My brother wears normal blue jeans with a black belt black shirt and bandanna.

My brother says my favorite band manowar wears viking stuff some times.

Whatever they feel like. Many wear outfits and costumes that reflect what they like or what they think looks awesome or cool, or just because it's fun; very often, they are correct. Outside being a band, they wear what most people normally wear.

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Heavy Metal Music

Why were some preachers against rock music?

They're typically against secular music in general, and they base this on an interpretation of the Bible that music must be directed to the praise of God, and be driven by melody (as opposed to Rock and other contemporary forms of music, which are beat driven). Additionally, Rock music tended to have a much more "decadent" message than others popular forms of music at the time, which furthered their opposition to it.

Agreeing totally with the previous post I'd like to add that Heavy Metal in particular sometimes uses chord or note changes that are six semi tones apart eg the song Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath. I believe that from many years back (possibly in the monastries) that this chord/note change should never be used in religious music. Whether this has anything to do with some modern preachers disliking the music I have no idea.

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Heavy Metal Music

What are the disadvantages of death metal?

Disadvantages meaning what, exactly?

It tends to be less "accessible" to those not familiarised with it already, which may be considered either an advantage, or a disadvantage, your personal perspective dependent.

The term "Death Metal" has become bastardised by all these watered down so-called "melodeath" and "deathcore" bands. I suppose that would be a disadvantage to some extent.

The disadvantages to one specific genre really hold true to all. You have to have some genuine orientation towards that style of music to really be able to play or appreciate it. If it's not your thing, it'll be very disadvantageous to you, just as a diehard Death Metal fan would probably find Hip Hop to a disadvantage.

Heavy Metal Music
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How old is Chad Blashford?

Chad Blashford from New Hollow is 15 as of 2011. his birthday is Nov. 14 1996

Oceans and Seas
Heavy Metal Music

Why are most post metal bands associated with the ocean or sea?

Most post-metal bands are not associated with the ocean/sea - although it is a pervasive trend among many, especially American post-metal bands. The ocean/sea suits the ideology of the genre which is typically characterized by onslaughts of heavy walls of sound, often interspersed with lulls, and builds to powerful climaxes. This applies most readily to those post-metal bands - once again typically American - whose style is mainly derived from sludge metal. Other common themes of different styles of post-metal include forests (or nature in general), space, industrial/machine, and conceptual ideas.

Heavy Metal Music

Is napalm death satanic?

No. If you want to listen to a "Satanic" metal band, try Behemoth.

Heavy Metal Music

How do you form a nu metal band?

Find people who play instruments who like the same kind of music and start rehearsing.

Heavy Metal Music
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How has the electric guitar impacted society?

when the guitar is smashed thats the impact

Heavy Metal Music

Is the band korn satanist?

No, in fact three of them don't even drink any more, and two of them are professing Christians.

Heavy Metal Music

How long is Herman Li's hair from Dragonforce?

Very long.

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Heavy Metal Music

Who is the heaviest industrial metal band in the world?

Dethklok is not the heaviest band in the world cause the only have 2 death metal songs 'blood lines' and 'hatred copter' butt arch enemy's songs are all SUPER DEATH METAL i mean listen to 'nemasis' or my apocalypse' my apocalypse is in my opinion the heviest song in the world and i know cause i love death metal and i basically listened to all death metal songs and.....in summary arch enemy is the most blood curdlind yellind screaming sband in the worls (the lead singer is a girl) hope this heelps

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Heavy Metal Music

What thrash metal band was Ice T in?

Body Count

Heavy Metal Music

How do different types of music such as heavy metal rap or country affect a person's behavior?

Music is not related to behavior. There is a tendency to think so, but it doesn't necessarily mean that a person who listens to heavy metal is mean and stupid or if a person listens to Bethoven they are intelligent

As a practising (ie professional!) musician I've thought a lot about this one over the years , and it's my opinion that music IS related to behaviour, in that it can enhance an emotional or psychological state already present or latent. Check out the choice of music chosen for "occasions": State; weddings; funerals; batchelor/hen parties: we choose music to accord with and enhance our mood - don't we? But nothing in my experience has led me to believe that music of any kind could completely change the mind-set of any rational being; NO tunes, NO lyrics are going to lead you anywhere you weren't already longing to go anyway, whether you find your rapport in "classical" music [which was often very seditious and revolutionary in its day anyway! Hey, Beethoven was a renegade, in his life-time!] or in "naughty" rapping. We've all, all, all been there before!

I would think that most "suitable" music is chosen simply because it has always been chosen. People who have certain behaviour might listen to certain music because that is what they believe is suitable for that activity, e.g. most people play play pop or rap/hiphop at a disco because that is what is always played at a disco. Music does not change how you behave, but it can amplify behaviour simply because that is what you think when you listen, and you listen because that is what you are thinking/feeling.

Answer 2

There have been numerous studies to suggest that music can influence behaviour and even health to some extent. There have also been studies on how music can influence the behaviour of children:

There was a significant improvement in behaviour and mathematics performance for all the children. The effects were particularly marked for those whose problems were related to constant stimulus-seeking and over-activity. Improvements were also observed in improved co-operation and a reduction in aggression during the lessons immediately following the study.

The following extract is taken from a music research study:

Research indicates that volume, speed and type of music can have profound effects on product preference, alcohol consumption and spending money

Answer 3

Music styles are often perceived to affect behavior and personality, but it's often the other way around. More laid back characters often prefer laid back music.

It's also affected by the subconcious personality of the individual. E.g. If you are a calm, conservative person, you may like black metal, this can be led by the subconcious desire to let out associated feelings, and to release feelings of anger etc.

We all need to feel human every once in a while.

Answer 4

I saw the results of a recent study that agreed with many others. Music does NOT influence behaviour or mood (although there have been documented cases when the person is mentally insane, such as Charles Manson who interpetted the Beatles song "Hetler Sketler" to mean there was going to be a race war), instead this is reversed. They found althoguh the mood of teh song comes into play, more often a sad person for example will pick songs with sad lyrics (but can vary in genre, whether it is a rock song, a country song, a rap song, a Blues song, or anything of the such).

Sad music does not depress someone if they are happy. Vice versa with other emotions.

Heavy Metal Music

Who are some African American metal singers?

Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage!

Sepultura's singer is black (once held by max C.)

Suffocation has two black artists.

Sevendust (more hard rock but with heavy elements) has a black singer.

Wrust, a "unique" band has a black singer. They're unique because they hail from Africa.

Adam Warren from Oceano, a deathcore band is also African American.

Crackdust- All black Death metal band from Botswana- SICK!

Straight Line Stitch- Metalcore band with a black female singer

Black Death- All black Old skool 80's metal band

Pure Hell- All black East coast punk band

Body Count- Ice T's band in the 90's

Heavy Metal Music
Scales and Key Signatures

I need the keyboard parts to Black no 1 by type o negative and have had trouble finding them can people post links to the keyboard parts?

try going to youtube.com... I hope this helped

Heavy Metal Music

Who is Alexis Brown?

Alexis Brown is a singer in the band Straight Line Stitch.

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Edmonton Alberta Heavey Metal Band named Striker?


check them out there

Heavy Metal Music

How could a doom metal fan deviate himself from the rest of the metal scene?

That's easly. Follow the Doom Rules laid down in the Book of Doom. Here's a link... http://www.borninblood.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1837

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Heavy Metal Music

What religion is korn?

KoRn claims to be a Christian band, but rumors are that they worship Satan.

I will let you choose what you think they are.

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What kind of music distracts people more?



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