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Punk sprung from the legacy of 60s bands such as the Velvet Underground, was pioneered by bands like the Misfits and the Ramones and then brought into the public consciousness by the mid-70s wave headed by the Sex Pistols, the Clash and the Damned. Since then it has split off into a variety of subgenres such as hardcore, street punk and pop punk.

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Punk Rock Music

How can you become a punk singer?

There is really no way you can "become" one. You either are or aren't. yes, it does require a certain voice I suppose but there aren't really any steps you can take. Just sing punk music.

Punk Rock Music

What does society think of punk fashion?

well, its not mainstream , but it is becoming "main-stream" in some ways,

caz punk does evolves also

Punk Rock Music

What are some good emo or punk acoustic songs?

Cute without the E - taking back Sunday

Swing life away - Rise against

The Academy Is... with the song About A Girl. Not really emo or punk, but considered emo-pop by some people. Look for the acoustic version.

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How long does shipping take from US to England from the My Chemical Romance store on the website?

I ordered the 'Mikey Effin Way' t-shirt from the official website recently and it got delivered to me in under two weeks. (I live in Manchester, UK by the way).

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What does post punk mean and how does it differ from punk?

Post Punk is a genre that developed after the initial boom of punk. The bands associated with the genre took the DIY ethics of punk and started to experiment with the punk sounds. A perfect example of post-punk is Public Image Ltd. This band featured Johnny Rotten (aka John Lydon)of sex pistols fame. The band was very experimental and added dub influences and krautrock to the punk sound.

Basically Post-Punk is a smart experimental version of punk that originated around 1978.

Examples: Joy Division, Public Image Ltd, Magazine, Gang of Four, The Fall, The Birthday Party

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What is the release date of My Chemical Romance's Danger Days album in Australia?

Well in England it's gonna be released on the 22nd of November, so it should either be then or just a couple of days after that. :)

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Lyrics for And Then The Cops Came by Surf Punks?

She told me she was almost 18.

What, you don't like Zeppelin?

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How can you combine prep and punk fashion so that it does not contradict?

Answer Get some dark blue super skinny jeans and a black shirt covered in sparkles and dye your hair a kind of dark golden color and make your hair long and wavy. Then bye a little black feathered purse. Then bye a little black dress and a pair of high heels.

Try a lil plaid skirt, a T-shirt, and some converse. It all depends what kind of colors you choose, but if you choose right it can look so cute. But you also have to like, dye the tips of your hair to pull of this look. One thing I love about this look is that make-up is pretty easy, you can choose just eye liner and mascara or you can go all out. Really it's all on you're fashion choice.

Punk Rock Music

How did punk rock get its name?

Punk rock got its name because of how its followers reacted to the music itself. The followers are "punk" or as some people call "anti-everything", but these people don't care what they were just as long as it suits them. The music itself can be mellow or have some to little screaming in it. Bands like "Fall out Boy", "Green Day", and "Rise Against" are great examples.

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Punk Rock Music

What is Nicholas's last name from Get Scared?

Nicolas Matthews♥(:

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Punk Rock Music

What is a surf punk?

My best definition of surf punk is punk with influences from the surfing scene. That may sound a bit ambiguous, but consider The Queers, who are a punk band but with a huge noticable influences from bands such as the Beach Boys. -Keith Mclaughlin == I grew up in California, and as I've heard it used and in my understanding, a "surf punk" is just a kind of wannabe that' hangs around real surfers, are kinda gofers and try to pick up overflow surfer babes.

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What does cm punk stands for?

It stands for "Chicago Made"

Punk Rock Music

Names of famous girl punk rockers?

Well, there's Joan Jett, and Maureen Tucker of the Velvet Underground, and Tina Weymouth from the Talking Heads, and Debbie Harry from Blondie.

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The Clash

Why are The Clash referred to as "The Only Band That Matters"?

Shortly after the release of their landmark 1979 LP London Calling, The Clash found themselves being referred to in marketing and by fans all over as "The Only Band That Matters". This moniker attaches itself well to a band that made protest and social justice a major focus of their lyrical messages, so it has stuck fairly well all these years later.

According to a 2013 interview with CNN, Mick Jones said, "the record company came up with that; it wasn't us. We weren't like trying to blow our own trumpets. It was kind of a moniker and it stuck. Every group wants to be the best group when you're young."

CBS Records, the label that The Clash were signed to throughout their run as a group, definitely used the slogan abundantly to help sell the band even harder. Musician Gary Lucas has claimed to be the originator of the phrase at the record label, as he was working in their creative services department at that time.

Punk Rock Music

Do girls like punks?

I know I do :) As long as they are nice and intelligent people.

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Who was Tom Sawyer's girlfriend?

Becky Thatcher

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How do you dress like a punk?

"Dress in a red ripped tee. Also wear skinny jeans. The slip on a drenchcoat. You also need to die your hair RED!!! Then you are a punk!!!!"

Wow. This is the only answer anyone came up with? I disagree.

Punk fashion has seen several evolutions and involves a myriad of common styles. Some 'punks' will even refer to it as a uniform, a definition of self and a means of identifying yourself as a follower of punk rock music and culture. To some, punk is an identity in itself and a community you can belong to like family, brethren, and brotherhood.

Of the common characteristics of punk fashion, the following are most common, but this list is tremendously limited and should not be accepted as definitive or finite.

-Skinny jeans.

-Band tees (sleeves removed, ripped, etc.).

-The use of spikes, studs, and safety pins.

-Chuck Taylors, Doc Martens, Demonias, Creepers, etc.

-Denim jackets (usually lavishly decorated with pins, spikes, studs, patches, etc.).

-Ass flags (large patches hung from the back of your pants).

-Studded belts.

-Bondage pants.

-Spike collars, cuffs, bracelets, etc.

-Ostentatious hair styles (liberty spikes, mohawks, etc.).

-Extreme piercings.

-Leather jackets.

-Chains, straps, etc.

Again, a very limited list, and not everyone adheres. Originality is a cornerstone of punk rock music and fashion. It's about rebellion, expression, and making a statement. Also, punk rock fashion is not be confused with 'scene', 'emo', or 'goth' fashion. In fact, most punks would see that comparison as a very deep insult.

EDIT: Of course these punks would find that as an insult. Most of them think you are too stupid to think otherwise. most people who are punks don't want to dress like other people they don't care what's popular they want to look like a rebel.punks don't have a uniform they just dress how they want. true punks don't dress like other people if they do they are called "posers"...IN LAYMAN TERMS..DRESS HOW YOU WANT NO OFFICAL OUTFIT also copy bad.. think yourself good...dys don't listen to other people..punks want to be as distant as possible from society outrage the public as much as possible.. these include crust punk and anchro punk...hope you get the point..^_^

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Who were some pioneers of punk rock?

Answer Richard hell and the voidoids
  • The Ramones
  • The Sex Pistols
  • The Stranglers
  • The Clash
  • The Stooges
  • The MC5

Those are all pioneers of Punk Rock. Below are some pioneers of Hardcore Punk.

  • The Dead Kennedys
  • The Misfits
  • Black Flag
  • Minor Threat
  • Social Distortion
  • The Adolescents

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Why did the punk rocker fashion become popular?

Because it was cheap and individual and the 1970s rebellion against glam rock and all that came before. It visually enforced the anti-establishment values of the music and those who followed it.

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What musical genres are related to punk?

some musical genres related to punk are:

  • Ska
  • Hardcore
  • Post-Hardcore
  • Melodic Hardcore
  • Post-Punk
  • Proto-Punk
  • Pop Punk
  • Emo
  • Screamo
  • Skate Punk
  • Melodic Punk
  • Oi!
  • New Wave
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What is WWE CM Punk's theme song?

CM Punk's current theme song is "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour.

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What is the significance of a blue bird tattoo in punk culture?

i think the blue bird tattoo meant to have become free from the society's eye.It could also be freedom or rights as well. In the public eye its just an ordinati tatoo but for whatever reasons it symbolizes its either the person who has it or it's the tradition bare it.

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Which music style is better rap or punk rock?

I prefer punk rock, but everyone is entitled to an opinion

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Does cm punk have a wife?

i don't think cm punk has a wife but maybe he has it i don't know

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Is mutiny within still a band?

No, they disbanded in 2011.


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