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no work because work is when you move something in a direction, holding a watermelon is not direction

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Q: Is holding a watermelon in your hands an example of work or no work?
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Example of work done on a system?

Rubbing your hands together.

How does the watermelon charger work?

Watermelon chargers made for cell phones to charge the batteries is a myth that has been tested and failed.

What are the example of work in the contex of science?

In physics, work is equal to force times distance W=F*D Work is basically moving an object parallel to its acceleration. For example, holding an object above the ground is not work, since there object has not moved. An example of work is moving a book, an object at free fall, etc.

In watermelon why you find seed?

Watermelons is used by watermelon plants to spread their seeds. Watermelon plants have a mutualistic relationship with watermelon eating animals who would normally disprerse the seeds by eating them and then excreting them somewhere away from the plant where they got the watermelon from. This process may not work well when you extrement the seeds into a toilet.

Does shoot the watermelon work?

it kind of works but u still have to buy something

Is the shoot the watermelon and you get a free prize real?

Actuallyno theyaren'tscams they really work!

What are some object that start with w?

watermelon, water, work, worm, window

Definition of co ordination?

Coordination is when multiple parts of the body can work together at the same time. For example when both hands work together to type or play a game.

Do mood rings really work according to mood?

No, it changes according to heat. For example if you hold in tightly in your hands, it will change colour.

Do veterinarians work at their desks or with their hands?

They work with their hands. ------------ They often do both, though not at the same time.

How do you hold hands with Elise after she asks you to go on a date in Fable 3 and what if that does not work?

Step away, then step back and you should get a prompt to hit the Left Trigger. The UI in Fable 3 is VERY WONKY. You often have to move around a little and hit a button several times for it to work correctly. Sometimes, after you are holding hands, it will look like you let go. This is if someone walks between you, you are running up stairs, or other similar actions. When you stop walking, you will still be holding hands though. In order to let go, you hit the lower left trigger again.

How about a sentence with many hands make light work?

many makes the work easier - many hands make light work