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i am home schooled on my computer, i got pulled out of school because i was getting in trouble. if you have friends near by that u can see at a daily basis then home school will help you. i have a soccer team I'm in so i can survive. I'm going to 8th grade next back to normal school. if you want to get your grades up, this is it. 95% of home schooled kids' grades go up. so think about it.

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What homeschooling the Jonas brothers use?

the good kind

Why should there be no homeschooling?

Doing away with homeschooling would be a bad idea. It is not for every student, but for some students it is a very good way to get an education.

What is a good Homeschooling PC Program?

Abeka academy has a very good homeschooling program that is focused on edifying the Lord .It is a little bit harder than some other programs but we like it.

Are public schools good?

Not really good compared with homeschooling because you can get bugged easily and uncomfortable.

Is homeschooling considered as public schooling?

No, it is considered homeschooling.

Is there any homeschooling that are not online?

is there any homeschooling that is not online

What is good about homeschooling?

You are the only student, so more one on one Time.

What are some resources that can be found for homeschooling online?

A good resource maybe "The Home Education Magazine". This is an online magazine. Other possibilities for homeschooling online are IPL, scholastic and allinonehomeschool.

Is There Free Home Schooling Online?

Homeschooling three children is quite a task, but good for you. Some free online homeschooling programs available in Michigan are and also try

What are some good websites that offer free homeschooling info?

There are a LOT of great homeschooling sites out there that offer free info and free resources. I've included a few in the list below. Enjoy!

is there a difference in home and public schooling?

The success rate for homeschooling has been reported to be 77%. These is a pretty good in comparison to standardized tests. Homeschooling can succeed easily if you focus, keep it challenging, and do what works.

What are the requirements on homeschooling?

Homeschooling laws vary from state to state. The best place to find the requirements in your state is to start with a homeschooling support group.

Carotene is a good source of Vitamin?

Carotene is a good source of vitamin A, according to Switched-On-Schoolhouse (which a homeschooling disk I use).

Does homeschooling help grades?

it depends on what type of homeschooling your doing but with most homeschooling you get better grades because everything is open book and you can use the internet on any question even tests, well this is for internet homeschooling.

How much per month is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is free! But you have to buy the supplies you need.

Why should homeschooling be accepted?

I think homeschooling be accepted because i love chesse!!!!!!!!!!

Do people like homeschooling?

My parents started homeschooling me when I was in third grade. I loved it!

Is there any good affordable homeschooling websites like Seton homeschool?

mathletics and sam learning

Any anecdotes about homeschooling con?

There are many stories on homeschooling forums about the cons of homeschooling. Most of these revolve around socialization and not having the children integrated into society.

Is there free homeschooling in Texas?

Yes, homeschooling is free, what isn't free is the teaching materials.

What is the concept of homeschooling?

Homeschooling is the practice of a parent or tutor educating a child from their own home.

Is homeschooling legal in Auststralia?

Homeschooling is in fact legal in all of the Australian states and territories.

What are some good force and motion videos to use for homeschooling?

The video publisher Brightstorm is a source for homeschooling science education. There is an entire series of videos on Newtons Laws of Motion, including videos titled Force and Motion.

Homeschooling for 100?

If you can do it.

When was Secular Homeschooling - magazine - created?

Secular Homeschooling - magazine - was created in 2007.