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2015-01-15 22:36:56
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Q: Is homeschooling legal and accepted in most states?
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Can an 18 year old be in homeschooling?

In most states, any age can be in homeschooling. If you are an adult, you can even homeschool in college via online schools like "Kaplan" or "College Plus"

Where were Jews most accepted in 1933?

The United States.

What is the legal driving age in most US states?

Legal driving age in most states is 16 years old.

Homeschool in Texas?

Definitely - in fact Texas is one of the most friendly states for homeschoolers with NO laws on the books related to homeschooling.

Any anecdotes about homeschooling con?

There are many stories on homeschooling forums about the cons of homeschooling. Most of these revolve around socialization and not having the children integrated into society.

Does homeschooling help grades?

it depends on what type of homeschooling your doing but with most homeschooling you get better grades because everything is open book and you can use the internet on any question even tests, well this is for internet homeschooling.

Do you have to go to college to homeschool your child?

Most states in America don't require parents of homeschoolers to be college educated. The vast majority of homeschooling parents, whether they are college educated or not, give their children a sound education. But there are some parents who neglect their children. To ensure that homeschoolers get a proper education, some states require them to be evaluated annually. Even in states such as Alabama where homeschooling is illegal, many parents are homeschooling their kids through a loophole called the church school option. And some of the parents there are not college educated. Homeschooling laws vary from country to country. Homeschooling is illegal in some countries, such as Germany. In other countries like Malaysia, there are no homeschooling laws at all and homeschooling parents are educating their children in total freedom. So it all depends on the country and state you come from.

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Generally, that age is eighteen years in most states.Generally, that age is eighteen years in most states.Generally, that age is eighteen years in most states.Generally, that age is eighteen years in most states.

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