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Is honey made from bee sick?


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Not exactly, the bees don't store the nectar in their digestive system. They release it into the honeycomb where it is stirred and then sealed while it turns to honey.


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honey is made from bee

No. Insect droppings are not that different from mammal faeces. Honey is regurgitated from the bee and made from nectar and pollen. Its function is to feed bee larvae.

Honey can be made everywhere, if there are bees, flowers and a bee cube.

the honey bee makes honey the bumble bee does not

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Honey is produced by mixing pollen and bee saliva

No. It's made mainly from nectar.

It is a bug or bee that makes honey.

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a honey bee is a producer because is produces honey

Yes. Apart from its temper the africanized honey bee is no different from any other honey bee.

The Africanized honey bee. Euorpean honey bees were breed with African honey bees, creating a hybrid bee known as the Africanized honey bee, or killer bee.

The class of the honey bee is insecta.

Honey to the Bee was created in 2003.

I hope that that bee is not an Africanized honey bee.

Honey bee IS the common name of the honey bee. The scientific name of the western honey bee is Apis Mellifera.

No, honey is not made from bee's vomit. This is just an old rumor that has no truth.

Apis mellifera mellifera -- Western/European honey beeApis mellifera cerana -- Oriental honey beeApis mellifera ligustica -- Italian honey beeApis mellifera iberiensis -- Spanish honey beeApis mellifera scutellata -- African honey bee

Bee hives are made of the bees own phecies and the honey is made from 85 % of the bees urine and semen , according to the Havard university study.

From the honey bee as the name suggests we get honey. From the honey bee we also get our plants, grains, flowers and fruit trees pollinated.

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