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In my opnion Hoodia is safe if the products you use do not have synthetic additives. However if you have high blood pressure, you need to check with your doctor as to if you can use the products.
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Is it safe to take Adderall with Hoodia?

Be very cautious with dietary supplements.... they don't have any FDA oversight, and there are a lot of false claims, conterfeit products, and uncertain doses (the amount of "drug" in a capsule isn't regulated) out there. I don't know the MOA (mechanism of action) of Hoodia, but most weight loss p ( Full Answer )

What exactly does the hoodia diet pill do?

Answer . Hoodia is an appetite suppressant.. Answer . Diet companies of all sorts are all out to make the almighty buck. Some pills will help you shed some fat, but you want to play it smart and keep the weight off. These pills can be dangerous. Go on the "South Beach Diet" or "Weight Watcher ( Full Answer )

Can you take diet supplements such as Hoodia while on accutane?

There are anecdotal reports of weight loss while taking accutane for acne. You should read carefully the information that is available on the Internet regarding diet while on accutane. Generallly speaking, you need to avoid foods that will increase the intake of the retenoid form of Vitamin A -- liv ( Full Answer )

Is anyone taking Hoodia with Paxil without any adverse reactions?

These are the only drugs I'm currently taking. I'm not using alcohol. Had hallucinations, but not sure of the cause. The only psychological problem I have is depression, but that was due to alcoholism. Have been clean for 3 months.

Is Hoodia safe for weight loss and does it cause palpitations?

Hoodia has been known to cause palpitation in some peopl. I don't think that Hoodia is safe for weight loss . Using certain types of product for weight loss can be dangerous You never know what the result might be or how your body will react to the product. Diet (change of eating habits) and cardio ( Full Answer )

How can you be safe?

You can be safe by wearing a helmet picking up after your self so no one trips over it.

Does hoodia raise blood pressure?

I've been taking hoodia sure for four days now and been monitoring my bloodpressure twice a day (I have high bloodpressure and take 160mg of Diovan daily). As of yet I haven't noticed any increases or decreases, but like I said its only been four days.

What are Hoodia side effects?

Hoodia gordonii, is certaining of the best selling weight loss herb known natural herb sourced from South Africa . Since its all naturally grown herb from south africa, there's no side effects if you consume hoodia. Lab tested and certified to contain P57, the active molecule to reduce cravings . ( Full Answer )

Is Hoodia an effective appetite supressant?

There is no conclusive evidence that hoodia is an effective appetite suppressant or that it contributes to significant, long-term weight loss. Hoodia is a cactus that is native to the Kalahari Desert in Africa . Natives supposedly eat it to reduce hunger during long hunts, which led to interest in ( Full Answer )

Wellbutrin safe with hoodia?

Hoodia is a weight loss supplement which can interact with somemedications. You should ask your pharmacist or doctor before takingthem together.

Does smart burn with hoodia cause weight loss?

No, but it does indirectly. Basically what hoodia does is make you feel full all the time so you never get late night cravings, When you eat a small meal, you will feel as if you just ate an entire buffet. Smart burn does not have a very good mix of hoodia with other ingredients though. i would reco ( Full Answer )

Are Hoodia Patches Safe to take with Anti-depressants?

I have been on 20 mgs of Prozac for 15 years and have done fine with combining it with many things. However, I ended up in the emergency room one evening after taking an over the counter hoodia suppliment. I thought I was going to go into cardiac arrest. I would not combine antidepressents with cert ( Full Answer )

How do you grow hoodia gordonii?

\nHoodia is a small Asclepiad genus of 10 to 20 species, from southwestern Africa. They form clumps of erect multi angled stems. Extracts of Hoodia has been used recently to manufacture appetite suppressant medications. The close genus Trichocaulon is sometimes included in Hoodia. One of the hardies ( Full Answer )

You take Yaz birth-conrtol and slim-quick with hoodia is it safe?

I actually just read that there hasn't really been any tests run to determine this. However, an educated guess from a doctor said that the slimquick would not reduce the effect of birth control. Im not really sure. I am looking for this same answer.. Good luck. please e ( Full Answer )

What is hoodia and how does it work?

Hoodia gordonii, is certaining of the best selling weight loss herb known. it is a natural herb sourced from South Africa . Lab tested and certified to contain P57, the active molecule to reduce cravings . Some clinical Studies also show this herb counteracts depression Hoodia will curb your appeti ( Full Answer )

What will happen if you mix oxycodone and hoodia?

What effect do each of these have on you individually not mixed? If the Oxycodone is prescribed, then the best person to answer this would be your doctor. If you are using it illegally, then get help with a substance abuse counselor.

How much hot hoodia plus pills?

Nathan's Natural, the parent company of Hot Hoodia Plus, CreVax, Vilift, ViSwiss, and Vitager is just a giant scam company. Watch this video or search the web for "CreVax Scam". You won't be disappointed you did.… Negative reviews are posted all over ( Full Answer )

Does hoodia help you to lose weight?

Here are 3 ways Hoodia helps you lose weight and 3 other things you should know to make Hoodia work best for you. #1) Hoodia Makes You Physically Less Hungry Pure Hoodia contains a molecule scientists called "P57" which, they believe, is responsible for making you feel full. #2) Hoodia Tur ( Full Answer )

Can a 12 year old take slimquick hoodia?

I wouldn't say its safe but look on the bottle and if it says "don't take if your 18 years or younger" then don't take it.It might be too much for your body to handle because your still young.But if it doesnt have any warnings then most likely theres nothing wrong with taking it.

Can you take hoodia and clonazepam?

There is no scientific evidence available on hoodia. It is not recommended if you are taking clonazepam for seizures. If you're not, then you can try hoodia. Remember it is not a "magic pill." The most important things that will make you lose weight are diet and exercise.

What can you do to safe it?

Well,if your talking about getting an abortion , you really can't,but if you really want to save the baby then you could give birth to the child,then put it up for adoption.

Where can you purchase Hoodia Diet pills?

One can purchase Hoodia Diet pills online from several stores. Some of these stores are Slimming Solutions UK, Amazon, eBay, Hoodia Buy and Green Africana.

Where offline can Hoodia diet pills be purchased?

For those who wish to buy Hoodia diet pills from non-online sources, Walmart offers the best prices. Also, many shopping malls contain GNC retail stores. GNC carries Hoodia pills at reasonable prices.

What unpleasant side effects can result from Hoodia use?

Hoodia is supposed to suppress the feeling of hunger but it also suppresses thirst. Another problem is that hoodia works by tricking the brain into believing that it has enough blood sugar. This can lead to an alarming drop in blood sugar affecting those with diabetes.

Where could a person buy Hoodia weight loss pills?

You can buy Hoodia weight loss pills from the HoodiaP57 website. Alternatively, you can purchase these pills online from retailers such as Amazon or websites such as eBay.

Where can one purchase Pure Hoodia?

One can purchase Pure Hoodia on various websites like Amazon or eBay. One could also got to a local pharmacy store and ask if they have Pure Hoodia for sale.

Are Hoodia 57 diet pills considered safe to take?

Hoodia P57 diet pills are widely considered safe to take once one consumes the recommended daily allowance of the pill. The Hoodia P57 pill simply acts as an appetite suppressant and the drug has very few side effects.

What is Hoodia spray used for?

Hoodia spray is an appetite suppressant. A person would get approximately 180 sprays in each bottle, which would last about one month. Hoodia spray can be purchased at online sites such as eBay.

What are the side effects of the plant hoodia gordonii?

As of now, there are no reported side effects of hoodia gordonii. This is not a substance that has been reviewed by the FDA however. The data is not complete and there are skeptics as to whether it actually works as an appetite suppressant.

What are some side effects of taking Hoodia pills?

Hoodia pills are fairly new to the market and have not yet been approved by the Federal Drug Administration. Hoodia is used as an appetite suppressant. A few years ago, a company marketing Hoodia was found to have included a banned substance in it. That banned substance was sibutramine which was ( Full Answer )

What does Natural Health Hoodia sale?

Natural Health Hoodia is a company that sells products for dieting and weight loss. The company sells Hoodia, diet pills, and offers weight loss plans.

What can Hoodia pills do best?

In the overwhelming world of diet advice, this one name is well known by many. Hoodia pills are well renowned for assisting a dieter in losing weight. Like all things it is best to shop around and try the different brands and strengths of Hoodia, to see which one may best work for you.

What are the health benefits to the Hoodia plant?

The Hoodia plant is a spiny succulent plant with no leaves. It is found in South Africa and Namibia. This plant is said to have been used for many years for weight loss. It supposedly reduces ones appetite.

What are the reviews for Hoodia Extract?

Hoodia Extract is touted as an appetite suppressant but there is a lack of scientific evidence to support this claim. The products that are sold are not regulated and some even are totally without any extract from the hoodia plant. There are anecdotal reports of successful weight loss with Hoodia Ex ( Full Answer )

When was the hoodia cactus first found?

The hoodia cactus was first found in the year 1779 by Robert Jacob Gordon. The flowers are said to smell like rotten meat and for this reason they are pollinated by flies.

What benefits does one get from H57 Hoodia?

H57 Hoodia can cause appetite suppression significant enough to help individuals to consume only half of their caloric counts. This leads to weight loss.

What type of reviews has South African Hoodia received?

South African Hoodia is a kind of diet supplemented with hoodia, a herb which helps to suppress appetite. According to dietsinreview, this diet receives both positive and negative comments. Because this herb has not yet approved by FDA, it is recommended that people use hoodia with caution and medic ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of buying Hoodia Gordonii?

Hoodia Gordonii is a daily supplement that a person can take for their health. The main benefit is it acts as a appetite suppressant and keeps a person from over eating.

Where can one find a hoodia gordonii plus?

Most online stores, such as Amazon, offer hoodia gordonii plus as a product that you can purchase from their website. Some may even have deals wrapped into the sale, such as a two month supply rather than a single portion.

Is it possible to buy hoodia online?

Yes you can, but just be careful because there are many fakes out there (as much as 80% of those available are not genuine). Also take note that if you are interested in the much lauded weight loss properties of Hoodia, those properties are only contained in one of the 13 different species called th ( Full Answer )

What is a cheap price for Hoodia?

While 'cheap' is a subjective term, Hoodia-based weight loss products are generally not too expensive anyway. Compared to other weight loss products, they can be said in face to be already cheap. You should be cautious if you see any pharmaceutical product available for a cheap price, especially fro ( Full Answer )