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Technically it's a solution, although there are particles in suspension as a residue of steeping.

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mixture. cause it can be seperated

Hot tea is a homogeneous mixture. Another name for a homogeneous mixture is a solution, and this name is the preferred one.

If there are no tea leaves in the mixture, then it is a homogeneous mixture, or solution. If there are tea leaves present, then it would be a heterogeneous mixture.

A hot tea is a solution of tea extact and sugar in water; tea extact and sugar are the solutes, water is the solvent.Vinegar is a solution of acetic acid (solute) in water (solvent).

Sugar does not melt it blends cause it is a solvent and the water in the tea is a solution. it really does not matter hot or cold. Sugar does not melt in either (unless the tea is superheated or not at room pressure)

yes" tea is a true solution.................

Milk mixed in water is the solution of tea.

Hot tea or any tea for that matter, is a homogeneous mixture as its composition is the same throughout the solution.If you take one spoon of the solution and compare it to two spoons of the same solution, the composition will be the same. Also, the different components which make up a cup of tea cannot be observed individually. All the components mix up thoroughly.

Sweet tea would be considered a solution. It involves mixing tea with heavy amounts of sugar to create a supersaturated solution.

Sweeten tea is a solution of sugar with water infused with tea flavor. A solution is a mixture of different substances or compounds. In sweeten tea, sugar is a compound.

Tea can be served two ways, cold with ice, called ice tea or hot like coffee, called hot tea.

Tea is made with fresh boiling water, hence hot.

Sweetened tea is a mixture but it is also a solution. It is a solution because the sweetener has dissolved into the tea, making it a different substance than before.

The temperature of hot tea is about 40° Celsius

When the sugar is put into the tea it dissolves. When the sugar is put into the tea, the tea acts as the solvent and the sugar acts as a solute.The solute and the solvent mix together to make a solution.

Hot tea is a mixture because the ingredients for tea will never be the same.

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Tea is an acidic solution.

no it just dissolves in the hot tea

Tea is not a pure substance as it is a mixture of milk and the tea solution, the tea solution containing water, tea leaf particles and sugar particles. Without milk, the tea is still not a pure substance.

Since the hot tea is already hot, it will get hotter faster. The cold tea will take longer to brew because it has less heat.

Hot chocolate is a solution!

Sweetened tea is a type of mixture that is a solution. The solute, which is the tea, is dissolved in a solvent, which in this case is the water.

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