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Q: Is huntingtons disease is carried by a dominant allele?
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What is caused by a dominant allele that expresses itself late in a persons life?

Huntingtons Disease

Why are dominant alleles not more common in a population?

That would only happen when it is a disease like Huntingtons which would cause those with the dominant allele to die and not pass the allele on. In other cases such as eye color or hair color the dominant allele is the most common in a population.

What are the odds of inheriting a disease carried on a dominant allele?

high (scary voice) so beware

What causes huningtons disease?

Huntingtons disease is a genetic/inherited diesease. It is caused by a faulty allele (a dominant one), which can be inherited by parents. Spontanoius mutations may also occur which would cause the faulty gene and therefore huntingtons disorder.

A person can be tested for the allele that causes huntingtons disease because of that allele is different from that of a normal allele?

DNA sequencing

Is huntington's disease caused by a dominant or a recessive allele?

Huntington's disease is caused by a dominant allele

How many many parents have to have the allele for huntingtons to affect there children?

Either parent. Since HD is carried on a dominant gene, if the gene is inherited from either parent, the offspring will develop HD.

Is the allele causing huntington's disease dominant or recessive?


How come there are no carriers in genetic diseases caused by dominant alleles?

If carried on a dominant allele, you either inherit it- and have the disease- or you don't- and do not have the disease, nor the gene that causes it. If you don't have the gene, you can not pass it to your offspring.

What allele causes huntingtons?

Autosomal and dominant. It's a defective gene on chromosome 4. :D Hope this helps!

What is it called when you have only one dominant allele to get the disease?

if an indivigual has a dominent allele for a disease he/she is an affected individual.

What is a type of degenerative disease cause be a dominant allele?

Huntington's Disease.

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