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Is hydro electric-energy sustainable?


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As long as there is rainfall, yes.

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As long as the rain keeps falling, keeping the dams full, then hydro-power is 100% sustainable.

It has many ongoing projects in this field in connection with solar, wind, hydro and other forms of sustainable energy.

scientists believe that ther is no more and/or no less water then ther was when earth began. Hydro dams run on water so if there is an everlasting amount of water then hydro electricity should be sustainable. (as long as none of the dams die!!!)

The renewables are Tidal energy, Wind power, Solar power and Hydro electric power

Yes because hydro-electricity relies on turbines which need to be turned round. In most cases, it is made from dams(made on rivers), which relies on water passing through it to turn the turbines.

The practising of afforestation and reafforestation.The use of contour ridges.Introducing crop rotation.Paddocking of animals.Construction of dams for hydro electricity.

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