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Q: Is icfai better than other institutions?
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Who is beter icfai or annamalai?

Personally saying, how shameful co mparison you have done! The ICFAI University, Dehradun is far more better than that Annamalai University. ICFAI, Dehradun is a brand name with its flagship btech program.

What is the average salary for a CFA fresher in India?

If it is from ICFAI than not more than 20,000 But if it is from AIMR than salary would be more than 40000

Is it better to study master of physiotherapy in US or UK?

It's not that one is better than the other, the critical issue is the institutions accreditation. Also, it would be easier in terms of licensing is you were to take the program within the country to plan to practice.

Are some uses of resources better than other?

yes some resources are better than other.

Is Louisiana better than minnesota?

No state is better than any other.

Why is Australia better than other countries?

No country is "better" than the other. They are all unique in their own ways.

What is institutions that give fewer products than a bank would but make up for it by giving better returns?

savings and loan

Why are vegan people better than us?

Vegans are not necessarily better than other people. Some are healthier than other people, and some are not.

Why are women better at than men?

Nothing and everything. No gender is better than the other. You could ask; what is Jenny better at than Jimmie, or what is Eric better at than Amanda?

Why are Catholic sport teams better than Public?

They tend to be better because they are private institutions so people must pay money to go to their schools, unlike public schools. Thus they have the money to hire nice sports coaches and afford better practice facilities.A:In some places they are. In other places Public school sports teams are better than Catholic schools.

Is learning better than farming?

One should not be deemed better than the other, because one is just as important as the other.

Why is electronic communication engineering better than other branches of engineering?

communication engineering better than other branches of engineering?

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