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its called pirate copy selling i think

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Is it illegal to copy or rip movies for private use?

Making a copy of a movie that you own is not illegal. To give or sell it to someone else is. To make a copy of someone else's movie is illegal. Basically, if you make copy to avoid paying for the movie, it is illegal.

Is it illegal to sell sick puppies to the public?

Is it illegal to sell sick puppies to the public at a pet store?

Is it illegal to buy a CD make a copy of it then sell the CD?

yes it is illegal

Can you copy tron DVD and sell it?

No it's illegal

Is copying a disc illegal?

depends on what kind of disk you have. music disks you can copy but it is not illegal unless you sell it. dvds are illegal to copy in the first place.

Is downloading movies illegal?

It depends...If you have the movie, and you want another copy just in case then that is PROBABLY legal. But if you don't have the movie and you make a bunch of copies and keep one and sell the other to people for money, then it is TOTALLY illegal.

If you make a copy of a DVD that you purchased and then sell it is that considered legal?

If you buy a DVD, copy it, and then sell it, the DVD is now called a pirated DVD. This is illegal!

If you are downloading films from a free site just to watch and not to sell as pirate copies is it still illegal?

Yes, it is still illegal. You are 'stealing' the film. The owners have lost the opportunity to sell you a movie ticket or a copy of the DVD. One of the rights of the copyright holder is that they get to determine how and when their material is distributed.

Is it legal to copy a rented movie for one's own personal use?

It is legal if you have the owners' permission and you will not duplicate the movie copy and sell it.

Where can you sell your movie online?

You can sell any copy of your movies on websites like and eBay.

Do they sell an actual copy of a mask from the movie ''The Mask''?


Is it legal to copy Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

No, it has copyright. So it is not legal to sell them and make profit, but i think you can copy them for your own use, like make your own or copy a really good card in prep for a duel, so yeah. But if you make a copy to sell that is illegal.

Where can one find a copy of the movie Kids?

One can find a copy of the movie, Kids (1995) in local blockbusters. If Blockbusters is not available nearby, local malls should also sell this movie.

Can you make a movie and copy it to sell?

Yes, If you make a movie it is yours and you can do whatever you want with it... (under circumstances) haha

Is it illegal to lend spore to a friend and then the friend downloads it?

no you legally bought it, as long as you don't copy it and sell it you won't get in trouble

Can you get into trouble copying Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

only if you copy and sell them to the public.

Is it illegal to sell a printed copy of Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer how much would it cost if its not answer me at skubydu909 at my MySpace website?

It is illegal, because she is the owner of it. Stephenie Meyer has the copyright...

Is it illegal to duplicate a purchased CD?

If you have purchased or CD or otherwise own it in the form of a gift, it is not illegal to duplicate it as long as it's for personal use. It is technically illegal to make a copy and sell it to a friend or give it away.

Is it illegal to sell cigarette's?

No, it is not illegal to sell ciggarettes.

Is there any way to purchase a copy of a past episode of Wheel of Fortune?

No unless you can find someone who recorded the show and get them to sell an illegal copy. If you had a very good reason for wanting a copy (for example you were a contestant) you might be able

Is it illegal to sell drinks out of your car?

no it is not illegal to sell drinks out of your car

What does Public domain software mean?

"Public domain software" is software that has moved into the public domain. You're free to copy, display, sell, or adapt it. No one owns the copyright on that software.

Is it illegal to record a movie or show from TV if you are only using it for personal use?

no unless you sell it

Are you allowed to give a copy of a movie to someone for free if you have bought a legal copy?

No; the act of duplication is infringement, regardless of whether you sell it or give it away.

Is to illegal to burn DVDs?

No, as long as the copy you are making is for your own use. It is only illegal to burn dvd's and sell them to make a profit. If you are using them for your personal use (like watching them at home), it is legal.

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