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No. Interest on projected benefit obligation is used and that encompasses both vested and non-vested amounts.

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What is the journal entry to increase pension expense?

Debit pension expenseCredit cash / bank

When is prior service cost recognized as a pension expense?

Prior service cost should not be recognized as pension expense entirely in the year of initiation, but should be recognized during the service periods of those employees who are expected to receive benefits under the plan. Consequently, unrecognized prior service cost is amortized over the service life of the employees who will receive benefits and is a component of net period pension expense each period.

How do i contact the ge pension benefits?

how do we get the ge pension benefits? what the exact contact of ge life insurance company?

What does Beneficios de pension means in spanish?

It means "pension benefits."

Can you receive SS benefits and pension fund benefits?


What are the pension benefits for the senate?


Former Barnett Bank employees Pension benefits?

I was emplyed at barnett bank from Aug 1990 to 1997....Am I elegible for pension benefits?

What are survivor benefits?

Benefits that go to the survivors. For example, if you had a pension plan, and you died, your surviving spouse might be entitled to some of your pension payments.

How do you get pension benefits from ab dick company?

I like to know to apply for pension plan

How pension is calculated in Pakistan?

Pension calculation formulas are different in different provinces and services .

Are Social Security Benefits same as a pension?


What are the pension benefits of a us congressman?

The pension benefits of a US Congressman varies with the number of years of service. The average benefit is about $40,000 per year.

Can you collect both unemployment insurance benefits a pension at the same time in Ohio?

Yes, in the state of Ohio, people can collect both unemployment insurance benefits and a pension at the same time. People are required, however, to report their pension benefits.

What are pension lawyers?

Pension lawyers are those that specialize in retirement benefits through pension funds. They are typically working for a large corporation and monitor and maintain the pension fund.

How do you contact GE pension benefits for personal help?

The GE pension benefits center is open 9 - 3 and can be reached at 1-800-432-3450.

Can you receive full Social Security benefits at the same time collecting a Illinois pension?

You can receive partial Social Security Benefits if you receive an Illinois Pension.

Can you collect California state unemployment benefits if you have a pension?

Yes, you can collect California unemployment benefits when you have a pension. However, according to the Pension or Retirement; A. Pension Law - Section 1255.3 (a), found in the Related Link below, the benefit shall be reduced, but not below 0, by an amount of the pension attributable to the benefits in that week. This is correct but we need to know how this will impact your previous employers pension and not the base employer in which the UI is awarded. You find out that you are eligible to draw pension you did not contribute employer X you worked 15 years back. Will this impact or deducted from your current UI benefits per 1255.3?

How do you find out about pension benefits owed to you?

i worked for a subsidiary of arthur d little how can i find out if there was pension owed me

Is Ohio unemployment benefits affected by pension benefits from a previous retirement?

maybe...maybe not

When can you retire?

AnswerThat depends on your income requirements, the requirements of your employee pension and the requirements for collecting a government pension and other benefits.

Can you collect your husband's pension if he is deceased?

You might be eligible for a pension for yourself as his widow. But I'm not aware of any pension system that pays benefits to dead folks.

What are the benefits of joining the dark side of the force?

Better Pension

Who to contact for pension benefits at Zenith Electronics?

warranty time

Can you collect both unemployment benefits and pension benefits at the same time?

Yes, it is possible, but each state determines how it's handled. Usually the unemployment benefits are offset by pension benefits on a week by week basis. Contact your states' employment security office for clarification.

What is the pension of federal judges?

Federal judges who qualify for full retirement benefits receive their highest annual salary as a pension.

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