Is investing in time shares risky?

The only people to make money on a timeshare will be the builder and the sales staff. Sales people will tell you that you can make a lot of money, but you need to be suspicious of THEIR motivation. The simple reality is, timeshares are a waste of your money. Go for the free gift but don't buy anything, no matter HOW good they make it sound.

Time Shares may have their uses, but they are not investments.


As an owner, you must treat your timeshare as simply a way to vacation. Do not believe that you can make money out of it through any other means. Especially with the current economy, it's very hard to sell or rent it out.

Well, with the prevalence of scams in the timeshare industry, any potential owner is a probable victim. Just make sure that you deal with legitimate companies or salespeople. Also make sure that you understand the agreements.