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Is iron rare?

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It isn't the rarest but it is rare its used oftenly though.

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Is iron abudent of plentiful?

Iron is very rare if you are looking at the entire Universe. If you are talking about the planet Mars, then iron is rare. If you are talking about the planet Earth, then iron is plentiful.

What Metal used in magnets?

Iron or Rare Earths

Where can iron phosphate be found in nature?

Normally it is not. Iron Phosphate is relatively rare as a naturally occuring compound.

Silver is more costly than iron because?

Because it is rare..:)

Is an edition 203 Iron Man comic book rare?


Is iron a rare earth element?

No. The rare earth elements are scandium, yttrium and the Lanthanides, which have atomic numbers ranging from 57 to 70 (lanthanum, neodymium, samarium, etc.). The atomic number for iron is 26.

If an element has no iron will it be magnetic?

Rare earth magnets are very powerful magnets which have no iron. Cobalt and nickel are also magnetic.

Is iron found in its elemental form?

Depends on the type of iron. Most is found unpure because it is melded with dirt, but sometimes, in rare cases, iron can be found untouched.

What element has 26 electrons and 31 neutrons?

Nickel, and rare isotopes of Iron

Is iron rare or common?

common well it depends on where you are Iron is common in most places and it is not uncommon for Iron ore to be mistaken for just orange to brownish colored rocks on the ground

What rare items does a minecraft zombie drop?

Zombies can drop many items here is a list from what I believe is the least to the most rare: .carrots and potatoes .iron ingot .iron tool .golden armor piece .iron armor piece .chain armor piece . enchanted armor piece

Where can blueprints of Iron Man's armor be found?

There is a comic called battlebooks very rare with blue prints of the suite look for iron man edition .............

Is iron found in a compound or is it found in pure form?

Both. Iron can be found by itself as a pure element, or it can be found in many compounds such as iron chloride, iron oxide, etc.

What metals attract a magnet to them?

Iron and alloys containing iron.Answer:Iron, nickel and cobalt and their alloys are the common metals that attract magnets. Also, the rare metals gadolinium, neodymium and samarium attract magnets.

How can you get a rare Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

U can get riolu (which evolves into lucario) at iron island from Rilee. But u have to get through iron island with rilee to get roilu from rilee.

Is hematite rare?

No, Hematite is basically iron oxide in a mineral state, rust is another state of iron oxide. It can be polished to a luster resembling the look of steel

Why was iron rare hundreds of years ago?

It was believed by early people that the main source was meteorites.

Can you mine a emerald in Minecraft?

yes you can with an iron pickaxe that is if you find some they're extremely rare

What is an astrophyllite?

An astrophyllite is a rare, brown/yellow hydrous potassium iron titanium silicate mineral.

When was iron developed?

About 1300-1200 BC, There is some indication of rare occurrences of iron before that, but it was so scarce as to be considered a precious metal. That time period marked the end of the Bronze Age, and the start of the Iron Age.

What are all the super heroes that Lego has created?

Some are quite rare but they have created Batman's world of heroes and villains , Superman ( EXTREMELY RARE ), Spiderman ( rare ), and i believe Iron Man ( also rare ). I am very weary of Lego superheroes so somebody else can give you an answer if you need it.

Where can you find iron ingots in minecraft?

You can find iron ingots in chests next to monster spawners. But because monster spawners are rare then it would be a lot easier just to mine until you find some iron the melt it in a furnace! :)

How do you determine the rare earth element concentrations in a fulgurite?

To measure the abundances of rare earth elements in clinopyroxene and olivine of iron-silicon in a fulgurite, were made to determine the oxygen fugacity required.

Is a magnet made out of cobalt?

A man made magnet is made of Iron Nickel Cobalt and Rare earth Metals

What are the only metals that can be magnets?

Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt. Also some of the rare earth metals, like Samarium