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If he wasn't wearing a condom,there is a chance you could get pregnant.Take a pregnancy test.

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Is it possible to be pregnant if a girl is on top of him and he pulls back in after cumming a couple of times with unprotected sex?

Of course it is.... just get yourself tested if you are worried

What can i do while I'm pregnant to avoid my boyfriend from cumming so soon?

try using a condom :L

What is the chance of pregnancy if you wore a condom shes takes birth control and he pulled out?

Not even 1%, a lot of women have a hard time getting pregnant when they have no form of protection. It's really rare you would get pregnant with the pill, the condom and him not cumming in you. But there is always that chance, and that would probably mean it was meant to be.

How do you penetrate the vagina?

just push in and out till you fell like cumming then pull aout if you dont want to ger her pregnant

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