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Yes it is.

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Q: Is it OK for Teenage Boys to each other while wearing girls nylon panties?
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Is nylon better or cotton?

Cotton panties for women...nylon panties for men.

Should a man feel guilty from wearing nylon spandex panties?

Answer to that is not if u feel comfertable in them and its who u are.

Why can't men enjoy wearing ladies nylon panties and underwear?

Clearly because we are too manly.

Do many men like wearing high waisted nylon panties?

Yes they have more room for flexibility on the front side of pantie.

How many guys love wearing ladies nylon panties and underwear around the house?

Yes, it actually gives them orgasms sometimmes they love it.

How common is it for men to wear nylon panties?

I prefer wearing nylon panties then cotton or silk. Lots of guys wear panties, there has always been guys who have enjoyed wearing panties whether it be bikini, thong or g string. More guys are comfortable now a days expressing that they enjoy wearing panties and it's helping those of us who wear panties to be able to not have to hide it. Fact is that most guys who do wear panties are straight and they wear for the comfort and yes the excitement also. Wearing panties does not make you gay or bisexual. Its just clothing. When you get down to it, it is all the same. Just a piece of cloth sewen together. Here in Brazil, mens underwear is similar to panties for years, european style. No bunching up. It is very common for men to wear panties. Maybe not the pink with ruffles but solid colors without ribbons, common.

Do you wear nylon panties when getting a spanking?

Yes i do. As a child mom would pull up my dress or lower my pants for a spanking. Mom would spank me over my nylon panties with her hairbrush. Even when i have been spanked as an adult i still get spankings over nylon panties.

Is okay for guys to wear frilly nylon panties?

If you want to wear girls panties or masturbate into them that is your choice but there is always a risk of catching an STD from someone elses dirty clothing. I'd recommend that if you wish to wear or otherways use girl's panties the best thing to do would be to buy some for your own use.

Where can you find soiled womens nylon panties to wear?

Wearing soiled clothing of any sort especially clothing belonging to another person is not a good idea as there are any number of infections that you could catch.

What kind of panties do women prefer nylon or cotton?

i'd say cotton bikini ones

I like to wear women's nylon full cut brief panties?

oh yea me too

How many men wear nylon panties?

I have wore nylon panties for years(when I can) I think its alot more common than people think. If you are talking nylon panty hose, you would be surprised, many. Those that work on their feet all day, it is good for circulation and health. I wear them in winter under business pants, warmer. Now if just nylon panties, not so sure what you mean as silky ones, spandex, or what. They feel good and are comfortable. And do what you like, wear them. What I have seen in locker rooms, and others, I would agree to stats, that say about 43% men were panties 24x7 and over 60%¨wear them at least one day a week. We are talking panties of all types.