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They are correct. It will not be a problem. Gunite is not designed to seal out water. That's what the plaster or pebble coat is for.

Not a problem as long as there is not too much - if it is you will have a 'floating liner' problem later. If you are at all concerned I would recommend installing a french drain - you can do it yourself if the pool has not been constructed yet. The Windsor-Browns

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Q: Is it OK if ground water is leaking into the pool?
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Is it ok you but an above ground pool on bump ground?

It is ok if you put an above ground pool on a bump.

With an above ground pool is it ok to run filter with cover on pool?

Generally, that should not be a problem.

Lightning went through the water of my in ground pool and damaged the lining how will this be taken care of?

If you are insured you should be OK. if not you are up for it your self .

Is an in ground pool OK by railroad tracks?

From the information I have found the best thing to do here is go with a vynil pool as these are best suited to ground movement

Once a gunite pool is converted to a vinyl liner pool can you convert it back to being a gunite pool I live in the Panhandle of Florida and have no problem with ground water?

If it was working ok before you lined it and you have no problems removing the liner you should have no problems.

Is is ok if your above ground swimming pool is not level?

The pool needs to be level to have the walls hold the water in with equal pressure at all points. The more slanted your pool is, the more you are increasing your risk of collapse. Remember all these pools are quality and stress tested on level ground. They are designed for use on level ground. If you want to experiment for fun, go ahead, but watch out!

Can you fill an in-ground swimming pool with well water?

Yes, it's ok to fill from a well. It is smart to have the water tested. A pool supply comapny should be able to do this. The exception would be filling from a shallow well that may contain pesticides or petroleum (gasoline or oil). This can happen when older storage tanks rust through and the product contaminates the ground water.

Is is safe to swim in foamy pool water?

If it is a hot spa or jacuzzi, it is fine, and in a swimming pool it is ok, but you should get that checked out.

Are pool chemicals dangerous to pets?

If your pet get into the chemicals see a vet. If your pet is drinking water from the pool, even after chemicals have been added to the water, they will be ok.

Is it ok to put your pomeranain puppy in the pool?

Can Pomeranian puppies go in pools or water ?

How do you know if the water pump is OK on a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

if it is not making any noise,or leaking from bottom of pump. Releif hole is on bottom of pump,if leaking replace pump.

Will it hurt the pebble tech finish if the pool is drained for 3 or more months?

It shouldn't after all the top of the pebble tech pool is out of the water forever and it doesn't seem to hurt it. However be careful that you don't get a build up of ground water around the outside of the pool, This can cause an empty pool to start floating and that will definitely hurt it. If you have a hydro static valve at the bottom that works it should be ok.

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