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Yes. It is also illegal to deal with illegal aliens on an independent contractor basis.

For any number of illegal alien employees, all applicable business licenses are suspended. For the second offense, the business licenses are permanently revoked and the proprietor or company may apply for new licenses. For a third offense, the business licenses are revoked "forever" and the proprietor or company may never again be licensed in the state.

Any company signing a contract with the State of Alabama must be certified to not employ illegal aliens and that contract is nullified if the company is later found to employ a single illegal alien.

It is also illegal to deduct wages paid to illegal aliens for the purposes of Alabama state taxes and the penalty is 10 times the amount of the improper deduction.

Also, any U.S. citizen who is terminated or not hired by an employer who employs illegal aliens can sue for discrimination and, if successful, the employer must also pay that citizen's legal fees.

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Q: Is it a crime to employ an illegal alien in Alabama?
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Aliens are not real. If it is a person then yes.

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What would happen to the mother if she has baby in the US with an illegal alien?

Nothing, having a child with an illegal alien is not a crime.

Can a citizen buy a home with an illegal alien?

I think it is a federal crime to offer services to an illegal alien, not sure if that bill passed or not...

If an illegal alien commits a felony crime will he be deported?


Is it a crime to give an illegal alien a ride in Alabama?

The law, which takes effect on 1 September, also make it a crime to give an illegal immigrant a ride in a car.AddendumI would like to add that your vehicle would also be subject to civil forfeiture (i.e. seized by the police and sold at public auction with the state of Alabama keeping all the proceeds).

What is jail time for first time illegal alien smuggling charge?

It depends on how many illegal u were caught with. Also if you were in a organized crime.

How long is the statute of limitations for an American marrying an illegal alien fraudulently?

There will be no statute of limitations. The marriage is illegal and as long as it is acted upon, the crime continues.

Do illegal aliens who are convicted in the us for any crime serve their sentence or are they only deported?

Generallythey will serve their sentence and once that is done they are deported. If as an illegal alien you commit a crime you are still tried and sentence just like a citizen.

Is robbery a legal crime?

No. A crime is something that is illegal. Robbery is an illegal crime.

Is it illegal for an 14 and 18 year old to date in Alabama?

It is illegal- and a very serious crime in Alabama- for a 14 yr old and an 18 yr old to have sex. Dating in and of itself with that age difference is simply a very bad idea.

Can you do jail time for marrying an illegal alien?

A U.S. citizen can be sentenced to federal prison for conspiring with a foreigner to commit immigration fraud by marrying "for papers only" and attempting to sponsor a foreigner for citizenship when the marriage is not legitimate. Simply marrying a foreigner is not a crime. Marrying a foreigner and applying for citizenship is not a crime when the marriage is legitimate. Harboring an illegal alien in your home is technically a crime under federal law, but no one has ever been prosecuted for that.

Is running away from home a crime in the state of Alabama?

Run Away in the State of Alabama is a Status not a Crime

What is the possibility of an illegal immigrant getting deported after having to go to court for an illegal action?

Extremely high. Why? Because an illegal immigrant breaks the law in the first place coming to a country illegally. Also, if you had to go to court for an "illegal" action, there obviously going to find out your illegal since there will be no documents of you #1, and #2, any normal citizen would go to jail if they do a crime, however, if an illegal alien commits a crime, they get deported.

In the state of Florida is it illegal for a legal permantent resident to marry an illegal alien just so the illegal alien could get pappers and the legal permenent resident could get money?

Yes, as well as being a FEDERAL CRIME, it is immoral and destructive to the country. The legal alien also risks revocation of their legal status and deportation. If the illegal doesn't care enough to do things legally, who the heck wants them here? What kind of citizen (other than selfish, greedy and irresponsible) will they be?

What will happen to the person who married the illegal alien for money if caught?

Marriage Fraud is a Federal Crime with maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and a fine up to $250,000. It is a felony and anyone convicted of this crime is considered a convicted felon.

Who does this is how you live in la true crime?

an alien

Would cannabis increase crime if it was illegal?

Cannabis is already illegal. Making cannabis illegal increases crime rates because every time someone lights a joint, they commit a crime.

What happens when a us citizen marries a illegal alien then the alien commits a crime and goes back to Mexico?

he goes to jail and is then repeatedly stabbed and abused for being different.... lol nah jst jokin he has his alien face eaten by a grasshoper Hitler they just go back 2 Mexico god

Can an illegal alien get married to a green card holder and get a status?

They will be just married to the card holder; that will not help the illegal in any way, and could have a bearing on whether the card holder can get citizenship (assisting a person they know to be committing a crime, for example).

Is it illegal to be married to a illegal alien?

No. It is illegal for an alien without legal status to be physically present in the United States. Although there is an old federal law the makes it a crime to aid and abet an illegal alien that is already present in the US, reportedly, no one has ever been prosecuted under that law. Recently, some US states have passed laws making it a crime to house or transport an illegal alien, whatever risk there is in doing these acts is not affected by whether you are married to the person or not. Perhaps the biggest risk related to this situation would be attempting to bring your spouse across the border into the United States without a visa. This is the most criminal liability you could be exposed to as the spouse of an illegal alien. Other than that, there is no residency or citizenship requirement for marriage in the United States and, generally, American citizens are free to marry whomever they please and to remain married to them. The most notable exception is marriage to someone of the same sex, which currently cannot be used as the basis for a green card application.

What is the difference between crime and criminal?

a criminal is a person who does crime, crime= something illegal.

In the state of NY is marring an illegal alien so they can become a residence a crime?

Any marriage strictly for this purpose violates a federal law. If this is suspect, the alien may be removed from the country, pending investigation. See: "Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments of 1986"

Can anybody buy guns in US?

No. You must be an adult, not have been convicted of a felony or any crime of violence against a domestic partner. You cannot have been legally found to be mentally incompetent, wanted for arrest for a crime, a drug addict or illegal alien.

Is crime a verb?

No, it is not a verb. Crime is a noun, meaning illegal activity.