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as a fireman

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Q: Is it a disqualification to have a DUI?
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Swimming disqualification code DQST what does this mean?

disqualification starting

Sentence for disqualification?

Barton knew that he had cheated on the exam, so he reported himself to the teacher, all of which resulted in his disqualification from the competition.

What is a DQ in wrestling?

It means a Disqualification.

Suffix in the word disqualification?


What is the definition of disqualification?

The term disqualification means that you have done something to eliminate yourself from that thing. You can get disqualified while playing sports by not obeying the rules.

What is disqualification in volleyball?

Double-hitting the ball.

What is the definition of 'DQ' at the commonwealth games?


Is driving over the curb during your driving test a reason for disqualification?

Driving over the curb during your driving test is a reason for disqualification

How do DUI lawyers defend someone who has gotten a DUI?

Dui lawyers have different ways of defending their clients that have received a dui. One is to question how the police first suspected the client to of a dui.

Is DUI a felony?

Is DUI a felony in the state of New Mexico

Can you get a DUI on a lawn mower?

DUI on a scooter?

What is DUI sro?

What is a SRO DUI Charge