Is it a felony for Battery on a person over 65 years old in Arkansas?

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Can a 16-year-old be emancipated in Arkansas?

Answer . Yes a 16-year-old can be emancipated in Arkansas.\n. \n . \n Arkansas emancipation statute for minors "Removal of Disability of Age" ARS 9-26-104.

How can persons 65 years old and over reduce or avoid income taxes on investments and social security income?

The best way is to keep your income low and to use tax advantagedways of investing. The income levels for social security changedepending on your marital status. Using single as your statusyou'll need 85 percent of your social security and taxable incometo stay under $11,500. Note that if you have n ( Full Answer )

Is battery a felony?

Depending on the circumstances and previous convictions, battery can be both a misdemeanor and a felony. Battery on a Police Officer is most always a felony. Simple Battery, is generally a high grade misdemeanor. If you've been convicted of battery once before, it could be upgraded to a low class ( Full Answer )

If a person is over seventy years old do they have to wear seltbelts?

Only if they want to avoid flying through the windshield and/or getting a ticket. Otherwise what the hell.. Everyone needs to wear a seatbelt. An accident investigation officer I met said that he never had to unbuckle a dead body.. There are exceptions, but the truth is that if you manage to stay ( Full Answer )

What should be the overall development of a person 65-years-old and older?

\nDepends on the person whether their male or female. By the time they have reached that age there stress levels through the ages have a significant impact as well as culture heredity temperament there is no simple answer to this question and a good answer requires a lot more information

Intellectual development of 65 year old?

At this age their thinking slows down as their wisdom mightincrease. . Older people may feel to retire at this age from theirwork. . They are less able to solve problems as quickly. . At this age they feel isolated (alone). . they become less intellengence. . Their intelligence does not decreas ( Full Answer )

What can you get a 65 year old for their birthday?

Seriously, why not give a personalised website that celebrates their life? These guys offer a good product that requires no technical knowledge... Pension Cheque

How do you deal with men who are 65 years old?

Men Age 65! . May I assume that you are a woman and are married to a man age 65? May I also assume that you feel that your husband has changed in ways that you do not appreciate? May I also assume that his behavior worries you and that you wish you had married a younger man?. If this is all true ( Full Answer )

Who in Gresham OR will rent to a person with a one year old felony?

There are many apartments in the 164th/Stark/Division that seem to be pretty open about tenants. You do want to know that the City of Gresham has the right to inspect any rental housing, occupied or unoccupied, when they choose. If you are uneasy about city employees inspecting your home, you ( Full Answer )

Do 65 years old do you have to pay taxes?

Despite popular belief there is no age limit for which taxes do not depends merely on how the income was created and how much was created. There is no "Age Exemption" from paying taxes.

Does a felony stay with a person under 18 years old?

That depends. If the minor was waived to adult court and tried as an adult, then yes it will stay on your record for life.. If the minor was tried as a minor in the juvenile just sysstem then the records become sealed when they reach 18 and the record is cleared. However, the records can be opened ( Full Answer )

What is 'Felony Battery'?

It depends on the state, but generally it is a serious assault that results in a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury. Example being a stab wound, broken bone, ect.

How do you get rid of a 14 year old felony?

Are you wanted on a warrant? If so, you will have to face the music some time and try to get it resolved. For that you will probably need the services of an attorney. Are you convicted felon who has served his time? If so, you can apply for an expungement of your record. To request an expungement of ( Full Answer )

Were to sell a Bible that is 65 years old?

Well, there are always the Internet sites like EBay and Craig's list; you could also put an ad in the newspaper. You'd be surprised how much you could get for it online.

Will a felony over 7 years old show up on a 7 year background check?

Unless your record was expunged (for example, because you were prosecuted as a juvenile, completed your juvenile sentence, and your record was expunged by order of the court), a felony will always remain on your permanent record. Any time your criminal history is run, it will show all convictions, i ( Full Answer )

What year should a person be born to be 65 years old?

Given the current year of 2010, if someone had already celebrated their birthday today, they would have been born in 2010 - 65 = 1945. If they had not yet celebrated their birthday, they would have been born in 1944.

How do you expunge a felony ten years old?

All states have some kind of expungement law, some more generous than others. You will have to check your state's law to determine if you qualify or not. Some offenses can never be expunged (e.g.: domestic violence - homicides - sex crimes - crimes against children - etc). After reading the law, if ( Full Answer )

Can a person become a police officer with a felony over 10 years ago with a expunged record?

Even with an expunged record, your chances are really slim. My advice to you would be to talk with local police commanders before you attend the BLET (or whatever it's called in your state) course, and get their determination. Additional: Expunged records only mean that the PUBLIC cannot access y ( Full Answer )

How has a battery changed over the years?

Batteries have changed very much past the years. They've used them for new things, and they use more of them depending on the machine used.

Can 16 year old get GED in Arkansas?

Most states have a minimum age to sit for the GED. It is the agethat others their age would be graduating from high school. Theywould have to wait a year.

Can a president be 65 years old?

Surely- there is no upper age limit on the president and many people are healthy, vigorous and mentally alert at 65.

How do you get felonies dropped from two different states over 20 years old?

Your question requires more specific facts. Were these charges concluded and a Judgment and Sentence imposed, or was the defendant a fugitive for 20 years. If probation or parole was a factor, were those conditions complied with? If the charge was concluded and the sentence complied with, some st ( Full Answer )

What is the impact of the distribution of people over 65 years old on the economy of a country?

Do you mean the effect of the percentage of people over 65? In the industrialized West people are expected to (or made to) retire at 65 or thereabouts. It clears the way for younger people to step up and get jobs. It also wastes a very valuable resource which is the experience and accumulated kno ( Full Answer )

What is the IRA Limit for 2013 for a person of 65 years old?

The IRA limit for a person 65 years old in 2013 is higher IRA contribution limits, increased roth IRA limits, better access to the saver's credit, bigger pension insurance limits, and larger social security checks.

How many years can you get for a class y felony in Arkansas?

Class Y felonies are the most serious crimes in Arkansas not punishable by death. A conviction for a Class Y felony can result in a prison term of 10 to 40 years or life. (Ark. Code §§ 5-4-401, 5-4-201.) Possession of 500 or more pounds of marijuana is an example of a class Y felony.