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Is it a good to allow your male rabbit to mate?


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well it can but not if your female is pregnant coz the female wouldn't want to mate nd she would atack the male so if your female is pregnant separate them

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a "male" rabbit is called a buck. don't know what a "mate" rabbit is!

because he wants to mate with a female rabbit.

If the male is mating with another rabbit (female) then it will mount the female and mate. If it is mating with a stuffed animal it will do the same. But if there is nothing he will spray and try to get your attention.

Homosexual behavior does occur in various species, although, of course, no offspring will result.

Ummm because he'll try to mate with her and, how would YOU like if a random guy tried to mate with you?? She is not in estrus and does not want to mate.

You can't. The female needs the male to mate with her if not she won't have babies.

normally if a buck( male rabbit) goes into a does (female rabbit) hole it is most likely trying to mate with it.

The male rabbit mates with the female rabbit from the rear, with his forepaws on top of her back.

No, but they will "play" mate. Male rabbits can starting mating at about 7 months of age.

A female rabbit is typically ready to mate at five months old. The male rabbit is not ready to mate until six months old.

Yes, you must have a male and female.

They will always accept them but not nescessarily want to mate at that point in time. They usually run away from the male and make a very loud grunt like a wild hog. If your female rabbit is running away from the male but you want them to mate do not hold her down as this will cause her to bite you as it JUST happend to me about an hour ago...

That just means he is neutered and won't mate with any other rabbit. However, the male will live longer and happier!

Then she isn't pregnant or if she is just put the male away from her

Four months might be too young for the male rabbit to be mature enough to sire offspring. The American Rabbit Breeders Association website (www.arba.net) is a good source of information on rabbits.

If a female rabbit doesn't mate with a male rabbit, technicly no. If she does however, it's possible.

Yes they can.But you must keep them seperated.And leave the male rabbit with eachfemale for at least a week.

will a rabbit mate if not mature

You can mate your female rabbit twenty four hours after giving birth. But I don't think it is that good to mate your female rabbit that soon after birth probably wait about two months.

The rabbit might mount the guinea pig, but there won't be any babies. A rabbit will try and mate with a guinea pig no matter what sex.

I had this situation occur to me once and it had turned out that the rabbit was pregnant; perhaps your rabbit is being protective, not aggressive.

Yes they can. Any male and female rabbit/bunny can mate, even if they are from the same litter

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