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A historic.

In addition, the "h" in "historic" is not silent.

If it was silent, then the answer would have been "an historic".

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What has the author Anne Turner Simpson written?

Anne Turner Simpson has written: 'Historic St Andrews' -- subject(s): Antiquities 'Historic Peterhead' 'Historic Wick' 'Historic Kilmarnock' 'Historic Kinghorn' 'Historic Lochmaben' 'Historic Auchtermuchty' 'Historic Elgin' 'Historic Inverkeithing' -- subject(s): Antiquities 'Historic Dunbar' 'Historic Renfrew' 'HISTORIC PITTENWEEM' 'Historic Strathaven' 'Historic Kilwinning' 'Historic Edinburgh, Canongate and Leith' 'Historic Lanark' 'Historic North Berwick'

What is a historic period?

A historic period is basically a historic year say for instance 1200 bc that would be a historic period e.g : the tudors is a historic period, The victorians is another historic period.

What is 'historic' when translated from English to Italian?

"Historic" in English is storico in Italian.

How do you spell historic in french?

historic - historique

Why is this inauguration historic?

because ur mom's face is historic and its the new president of historic world.

Where is the Historic Halifax State Historic Site in Halifax North Carolina located?

The address of the Historic Halifax State Historic Site is: , Halifax, NC 27839

How do you use the word historic in a sentence?

"This historic building was erected in 1750." "Historic" is an adjective, which can describe a noun.

Is it an historic event or a historic event?

It has always been my my understanding that "an" should precede "historical" and "a" before "historic".

What is a prefix of historic?

Prefixes for historic are prehistoric and transhistoric

What is synonymous with pre-historic?

ancient, in the beginning

What has the author E Patricia Dennison written?

E. Patricia Dennison has written: 'Historic Cumnock' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Historic sites 'Historic Melrose' -- subject(s): Excavations (Archaeology), Antiquities, History 'Conservation and Change in Historic Towns' 'Historic Stornoway' -- subject(s): Antiquities 'Historic Dalkeith' -- subject(s): Antiquities 'Historic Aberdeen' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Historic sites 'Historic Linlithgow' -- subject(s): Antiquities 'Historic North Queensferry and peninsula' -- subject(s): Archaeological surveying, Antiquities, History

What has the author Norman Tyler written?

Norman Tyler has written: 'Historic preservation' -- subject(s): Architecture, Conservation and restoration, Historic buildings, Historic preservation, Historic sites

What has the author Eleanor O'Donnell written?

Eleanor O'Donnell has written: 'Researching a historic property' -- subject(s): Historic buildings, Historic sites, National Register of Historic Places

What is the phone number of the Historic Halifax State Historic Site in Halifax North Carolina?

The phone number of the Historic Halifax State Historic Site is: 919-583-7191.

Two main branches of archaeology?

Historic and Pre-Historic

When was Historic Edition created?

Historic Edition was created in 1970.

When was Historic Scotland created?

Historic Scotland was created in 1991.

What historic event is celebrated on May 5th?

It is "a historic event"

When was Historic Track created?

Historic Track was created in 1838.

Who made up Buddha?

There is a historic Buddha, like there is a historic Henry VII and a historic Einstein. No one made him up.

Is historic an adverb?

No, it is an adjective. The adverb form is historically.

What historic discoveries were made in the 1800s?

what historic discoveries were made in the 1800'?

What does historic mean?

Historic means well-known or important in history.

This paragraph appears in which historic document?

which orargraph appear in which historic document

What is Hebrew trnaslation or interpretation for historic?

historic = heestoree (היסטורי)

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