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Is it a normal reaction for your first period while on the pill to be excruciatingly painful?

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No. You should see your OBGYN.

2006-08-10 02:23:17
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Q: Is it a normal reaction for your first period while on the pill to be excruciatingly painful?
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How do vampires turn mortal into a vampire?

Well, in Stephanie Meyer's 'Twilight' series, the vampires bite the mortal and after an excruciatingly painful period (usually a couple of days) they emerge as a vampire. Lovely.

Is painful cramping one week before your period and lasts for one week normal?

It's normal to experience menstrual cramping prior to your period arriving. Some women also experience menstrual cramping after their period has finished and this is normal for them.

Very very painful cramping while having your period for 13 yrs what does this mean?

it is normal. if it becomes too painful then i strongly recomend you go on the pill. it worked for me.

What is the absence of painful menstrual flow?

The absence of painful menstrual flow is just normal menstruation - menstrual cramps are common but not a normal part of healthy menstruation at all. If you're missing your period all together then there can be a number of reasons, if you go more than 3 months without a period see your doctor.

Can you get endometriosis at the age of 14?

As far as I'm aware, it's possible. You would usually have excruciatingly bad period pain if this is the case. It is however normal to have bad period pain in your teens though (I did) and it does ease off as you get older so try not to worry yourself. :o)

Your period is 9 days early painful and clotted have i miscarried?

quite possibl i would seriously consider going to your doctor expecially if this is way off a normal period

When you have your period does it be painful?

Menstruation can be painful, but not always and no one should tolerate pain thinking that it's normal. Menstrual cramps are common but not a normal part of healthy menstruation, most women can easily prevent cramps as long as there is no underlying health problem.

Having period pains after finishind period?

This is very normal. A day or two after my period, the bones that form your vagina are extra sore. Try not to wipe hard or do any sports that are painful and make you extra sore,

Can you get a tattoo while on your period?

yes you can, there's definitely no problem, the only thing you might wanna consider is that it might be more painful than it should be. this is due to high sensitivity of senses during the menstrual cycle so a tatto that might've been slightly painful under normal circumstances may be extremely painful when you are on your period. so if you can, wait a few days after your period. or if you can take pain, go for it.

Are miscarriages always really painful?

No. My wife had a miscarriage and she said it was just like having a very heavy period with more than normal cramps.

Can an early painful period be a miscarriage?

Yes it can be but it can also be a early period.

Which is the earliest stage of miscarraige?

The earliest sign of a miscarraige is painful cramping and bleeding. Some cramps are normal, as well as pink or brown bleeding. The cramping that is normal will feel like mild period cramps. Any type of painful cramping as opposed to minor discomfort I would recommend going to the hospital.

Is a period painful?

For most women, yes it is. There are some however whose period is painless.

How long is a first period?

a first period can be painful but i will be just for 3 to 4 days

Is tattoo removal painful?

Permanent tattoos are painful to remove.But if you do it by laser treatment than it will be less painful and it gives nice result in short period of time.

Is it normal to have your period for 3weeks?

No it is not normal.

Is it normal to have period pains when your not on your period?


Can you be pregnant if your having cramps after period?

If you have a normal period with normal flow you are not pregnant

What was that period?

What was that period like? Was it heavier than normal, lighter than normal?

Is it normal that i haven't gotten my period for 2 months?

if you are just started to get your period yes it is normal to be irregular. but if you have been having your period this is not normal at all.

You dont know if you have miscarried but your period was 10 days late and yesterday it came very heavy and very painful with loads of clots what do you do?

You mentioned you didn't know if you miscarried... does that mean you were definitely pregnant? To me this sounds like a miscarriage. When I called the doctor to tell her that I had a painful period with some clotting she was determined that I miscarried. But I didn't miscarry... it was a "threatened miscarriage" which only about 30% of pregnant women actually lose the child. Whether you are pregnant or not, a painful "period" is not supposed to be normal so please tell your doctor about it.

Is it normal to have your period for 8 days while your on the shot?

It is normal to have your period for eight days but only if it is normal - spotting.

Is a discharge before period ok?

perfectly normal :) the only time you may need to see your doctor is if it starts to smell, changes in colour, or you start to get painful urination/ sex/ etc

Is your period painfull?

No, but once it was v painful. i was on paracetamol for about a week.

Is period is painfull?

The thing itself is not, but you may get cramps that can be painful.