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Is it a sign of pregnancy if your breasts give off this weird taste?

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Not realy one way to tell is if your breasts feel tender

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Can pregnancy give you a lump in your breast?

they are milk producing glands become swollen, your breasts are getting ready for lactation.

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Distinguish between the breasts and the mammary glands?

The breasts are the upper part of the chest. The mammary glands give milk. Chickens have breasts and they don't give milk. Many sea mammals have nipples to give milk, but, they don't have breasts.

Why do some women have pregnancy symptoms but the HPT was still negative and what else could it be if you have unusual periods and nausea and change in appetite and leaking breasts?

Hi there. Leaking breasts during early pregnancy is highly uncommon. Too much proclatin in your blood can give you pregnancy symptoms, irregular/different periods and nipple discharge. However, I would do a pregnancy test again to be certain. If its negative you MUST see your doctor for a pregnancy blood test and to have a hormonal imbalance panel done.

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Sore breasts - why?

Sore breasts may be an indication of hormonal changes such as ovulation, menstruation or pregnancy - not normal, but can occur if there are hormonal imbalances. Breast soreness can also be due to breast growth, especially in your teens, also if you're wearing a bra that is too small or that doesn't give your breasts enough support this can also cause breast soreness.

Could you be 4 or 5 weeks pregnant with sore breasts and still get a negative home pregnancy test result if you think that you had a really light period 3 days after conception?

It could be possible. Go to your dr and ask them to give you the blood test to check for pregnancy.

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Why does woman have breastS?

to give milk to their young.

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No it does not. But making milk yourself (lactation) does make your breasts bigger.

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Are there any laws on teenage pregnancy?

Laws? like on how old you have to be to have a baby? No. But if your town or city has a weird rule, I recommend moving to the states or to Canada. but don't worry I give you a 99.9% guarantee that there is no law like that. PS. I hope you have a great pregnancy, your gonna have a beautiful baby!

How do you give your pregnancy to someone else?

You can't give away your pregnancy but you can give away your child. You have to go through a adoptive agency.

Do bra's increase or decrease the size of breasts?

Some bras don't make your breasts any bigger or smaller they just give support. push up give you cleavage padded makes your breasts look larger when they really are not!

Do sore breasts on day 17 mean I'm pregnant?

Could be--sore breasts are a common early sign of pregnancy, although you could just be sensitive to PMS this month. Seventeen days after intercourse might be enough time to give you correct results on a pregnancy test. Take one now, and take another in a week (or whenever you're supposed to start your period), and/or meet with your doctor for accurate testing.

Do girls breasts leak milk?

No because it only leaks when you give birth.

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