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Q: Is it a sign that a guy is not over a past relationship if he keeps her contact information and pictures?
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What is obamas relationship with his sister?

He keeps in touch with his mother's daughter from Indonesia. I do not think he has much contact with the father's daughters in Africa.

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When endding a relationship with your spouse and your spouse avoid it what does it mean?

They do not want the relationship to end. Avoiding the situation for them keeps them in the relationship.

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When a guy keeps pictures of his ex girlfriends what impression do you get?

he's still cares about her .

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How does fear affect communication in a relationship?

Fear affects communication greatly in a relationship. If you are constantly afraid of how your partner or friends will react it keeps you from stating your opinions and sharing what could be valuable information. Without communication you can hardly call it a relationship. On the opposite side, if you constantly strike fear into your partner they could be afraid to talk to you which will keep you from really knowing them and maturing the relationship.

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What do you do if your girlfriend broke up with you and she keeps posting photos on facebook with her tits out?

If you broke up with your girlfriend and she keeps posting pictures on her account, you should simply block her.

What does it mean if a guy keeps telling you that you are driving him crazy and you are in love?

that you are in a deep relationship

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If your BF/GF keeps canceling your dates.

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It keeps respect, peace and harmony in the family.

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What does it mean when a guy keeps looking at you as he speaks?

his trying to make eye contact!

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She is trying to make eye contact, she fancies you.