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Yes. Any UNWANTED physical contact, especially if it causes pain, can be termed abuse. Warn him to stop, and if he doesn't, get away from him. It will ONLY get worse. He needs to seek professional treatment for his problem.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-17 04:37:23
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Q: Is it abuse if your boyfriend grabs your breasts and genitals hard enough to cause pain even after you say you don't want him to?
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How can you be sure that your boyfriend will not abuse you when we get together?

You Can't Be. But He's Your Boyfriend, You Have To Trust Him(:

What is domestic violence and abuse?

What your boyfriend does to you at night.

Is it abuse when your boyfriend pushes you and grabs your hands and arms?

I think it can be a form abuse but that all depends on the mood the person is when they do it and how forceful they do it. If they are mad and it leaves marks, yes, that is abuse. If they are playing and joking around no matter how forceful it is, that is not abuse. or intentional abuse anyway, sometimes a person just doesn't realize how rough they are being. If you know a person well enough you should be able to tell if it is abuse or not.

Your boyfriend likes to please himself and i don't like that what should i do?

If he pleases himself by stimulating his own genitals and he is a boy friend you are committed to then please learn to cooperate. I hope he does not abuse you, though he may want to touch you to maximize his own sexual pleasuring.

How do you deal with a girl who wants to feel your breasts?

Just tell her NO ! it is inappropriate and sexual abuse.

If you have boyfriend and 24 and your 18 is that abuse?

No, you are a legal adult at 18.

What to do when a boyfriend is verbally abusive?

Drop him like a hot potato. Verbal abuse isn't far away from physical abuse. and a friend doesnt abuse you.

Can you sue for financial abuse from your boyfriend?

No. There is no such thing as "financial abuse" unless you show that he made unauthorized purchases with your money.

Is it a form of abuse if your boyfriend made terrible demands on you when you were together?

yes it is.

What will Narcissist boyfriend do if you cheat on him because of neglect?

leave and/or abuse you and blame you.

What kind of animals die from animal abuse?

All animals can die from bad enough abuse!

Is my boyfriend abusive?

See the attached link for information on Domestic Violence and Abuse

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