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It could be considered abuse, if your spouse knows that his or her actions are causing you to be afraid or unhappy and they continue to act that way just to harm you.

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Q: Is it abuse if your spouse is vindictive towards you?
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What is the percent of alcohol being involved in spouse abuse?

99.9% of spouse abuse is caused by alcohol abuse.

What is a major case of spouse abuse?

Any form of spouse abuse is major, abuse is abuse and no one has any rite to abuse any one or anything.

Is it possible for a victim of mental abuse by a spouse to become abusive towards their child?

Not if they have any self worth even though broken.

What does vindictdive?

It is someone who is likely to seek vengeance. Such as--> She is vindictive towards her ex-husband.

If you been separated from your spouse but did it because of abuse do you need legal documentation for that?

If you been separated from your spouse but did it because of abuse do you need legal documentation for that?

How long can you go to jail for spouse abuse?


Is a spouse entitled to settlement money?

Depends on the situation. Is there any adultry, abuse or have you moved out of the home or your spouse?

Is it not totally deceitful for a spouse to report to police she being Abused leaving the false impression of Physical Abuse -- I have not laid a finger on this spouse in 29 years of marriage?

Depends if there is abuse in forms of verbal abuse, things such as yelling, threatening can be classified as abuse. If not than yes it is

What is another word for 'vindictive'?


How do you release anger towards your spouse?

You apologize.

Is it common for a spouse to report abuse that never happened?

No, it's not.

Can a spouse report another for child abuse in California?


Is it spousal abuse if your spouse visits the police to make accusations and then refuses to discuss those accusations?

Spousal abuse is abuse regardless of whether or not it is discussed.

How should you respond to false spouse abuse charges?

With the truth, calmly.

What is the latin word for vindictive?

The latin word for vindictive is atriebīgs.

How do you use vindictive in a sentence?

She was incredibly vindictive in that vengeful thoughts flew across her mind whenever anyone crossed her. Revenge is only for the vindictive A vindictive person will not let things go easily.

What is the difference between avenger and vindictive?

Avenger is a noun; vindictive is an adjective.

Why do some husbands verbally abuse their wives and what does it mean when they stop caring for the home?

When a spouse is verbally abusive, that is oftentimes a precursor to domestic violence which can escalate to physical abuse. When a spouse quits paying the bills for the house, or controlling all of a marriages financial assets, this is called financial abuse.

What is considered grounds for a divorce?

Some considerations for grounds for divorce are: one spouse cheating; verbal or physical abuse towards the female, male spouse or any children they may have; an unsafe or dirty environment to bring children up in; drug abuse (including alcohol); gang related activity; wives into prostitution for profit; husbands refusing to work and provide for their husband; criminal activity or incarceration in prison.

What is a sentence for vindictive?

Vindictive means revengeful, or out to avenge a perceived wrong.The vindictive girl slashed her ex-boyfriend's tires.Remembering the siege of Moscow, vindictive Russian troops killed many civilians in Berlin.

What is the syn for vindictive?

with, together Synonyms of vindictive include vengeful, unforgiving and spiteful.

Can you use a sentence using vindictive?

You're being very vindictive of others.

What does vindictive mean and what are other words that mean the same?

"Vindictive" comes from the Latin word for revenge. A vindictive person is one who will want to get back at everyone who has hurt him in any way. Another word that means vindictive is "vengeful"

Can you be removed from heath insurance by spouse without your permission?

Yes, especially if your spouse pays towards the insurance benefits out of his/her check.

Can a wife get unemployment if she voluntarily quit and relocated her and children to another state due to emotional and mental abuse from a soon to ex-spouse?