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Is it all right to tan through your pregnancy?

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From talking with a couple of my friends that are pregnant their doctors don't recommend it. I was told when I was pregnant to try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Tanning beds are just artificial sunlight. It can cause one to become dehydrated. Before going discuss this matter with your doctor.

AnswerIf you are going to tan for short periods of time, don't use tanning beds, the radiation could be harmful. I suggest sunless tanning its much safer.
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Can nipples tan through a bikini?

They will not tan through regular bikinis, but they will using specially made suits such as Solar Tan Thru suits.

What happens if you go tanning and you are pregnant?

You can safely tan yourself during pregnancy.

Can you get a tan through black tights?

of course you can. you can tan through a t-shirt. never mind some thin tights.

How long does it take for a natural tan to show?

Right away. If not right away, then later that night. For me I usually don't see the tan right away unless I got really really tan but later that night when I shower I usually see it.

Can you tan while you have a spray on tan?

Yes. A spray on tan doesn't protect you at all from the sun.

Can you wear fake tan during pregnancy?

It is never advisabe to do unnecessary things with your body when you are pregnant.

How do you make the left the same as the right for tan 0 times cot 0 all over tan 0 csc2 0?

You cannot because cot(0) is not defined, neither is cosec(0).

Can you get a tan under glass?

yes you can get a tan through glass but not as quickly as without glass. glass is like sunscreen

Do ultraviolet rays get through the atmosphere?

Yes, that is why you tan!

Can you get a tan through a cars glass?

Yes, you can get tan through a cars glass. Tanning is nothing but the darkening of skin. There are various homemade methods and you can also use cosmetics.

Which expression has the same value as tan(-x) for all values for x?

tan(-x) = -tan(x)

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sin, tan and cos can be defined as functions of an angle. But they are not functions of a triangle - whether it is a right angled triangle or not.

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It's all spray on tan like on the magazines they are really tan but in other pictures they are pale!

Tan uses to jump quickly through time?


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The German Shepherd dog is generally a mix of several colours from white through several shades of 'tan' to black. Through selective breeding it is possible to create an all white or all black dog.

Is it okay to tan right after a shower?

It is not OK to tan any time. Tanning is bad for your skin, and leads to premature wrinkles and skin cancer.

If for a triangle abc tan a-b plus tan b-c plus tan c-a equals 0 then what can you say about the triangle?

tan (A-B) + tan (B-C) + tan (C-A)=0 tan (A-B) + tan (B-C) - tan (A-C)=0 tan (A-B) + tan (B-C) = tan (A-C) (A-B) + (B-C) = A-C So we can solve tan (A-B) + tan (B-C) = tan (A-C) by first solving tan x + tan y = tan (x+y) and then substituting x = A-B and y = B-C. tan (x+y) = (tan x + tan y)/(1 - tan x tan y) So tan x + tan y = (tan x + tan y)/(1 - tan x tan y) (tan x + tan y)tan x tan y = 0 So, tan x = 0 or tan y = 0 or tan x = - tan y tan(A-B) = 0 or tan(B-C) = 0 or tan(A-B) = - tan(B-C) tan(A-B) = 0 or tan(B-C) = 0 or tan(A-B) = tan(C-B) A, B and C are all angles of a triangle, so are all in the range (0, pi). So A-B and B-C are in the range (- pi, pi). At this point I sketched a graph of y = tan x (- pi < x < pi) By inspection I can see that: A-B = 0 or B-C = 0 or A-B = C-B or A-B = C-B +/- pi A = B or B = C or A = C or A = C +/- pi But A and C are both in the range (0, pi) so A = C +/- pi has no solution So A = B or B = C or A = C A triangle ABC has the property that tan (A-B) + tan (B-C) + tan (C-A)=0 if and only if it is isosceles (or equilateral).

Does chlorine water tan?

yes because you can see through the water

What is the correct trigonometric ratio is for tan?

For a right angle triangle the trigonometrical ration is: tangent = opposite/adjacent

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To find the exact value of tan 105°. First, of all, we note that sin 105° = cos 15°; and cos 105° = -sin 15°. Thus, tan 105° = -cot 15° = -1 / tan 15°. Using the formula tan(α - β) = (tan α - tan β) / (1 + tan α tan β); and using, also, the familiar values tan 45° = 1, and tan 30° = ½ / (½√3) = 1/√3 = ⅓√3; we have, tan 15° = (1 - ⅓√3) / (1 + ⅓√3); whence, cot 15° = (1 + ⅓√3) / (1 - ⅓√3) = (√3 + 1) / (√3 - 1) {multiplying through by √3} = (√3 + 1)2 / (√3 + 1)(√3 - 1) = (3 + 2√3 + 1) / (3 - 1) = (4 + 2√3) / 2 = 2 + √3. Therefore, tan 105° = -cot 15° = -2 - √3, which is the result we sought. We are asked the exact value of tan 105°, which we gave above. We can test the above result to 9 decimal places, say, by means of a calculator: -2 - √3 = -3.732050808; and tan 105° = -3.732050808; thus indicating that we have probably got the right result.

Can you get a tan while wearing sunscreen?

Yes, although not all people tan. Some just burn.

When was All I Want for Christmas Is a Real Good Tan created?

All I Want for Christmas Is a Real Good Tan was created on 2003-10-07.

Does Reba mcentire fake tan?

She doesn't tan at all. In the 90's she had skin cancer removed from her forehead.

How long after getting a nose piercing should you have to wait to tan?

You can tan right away, just keep tanning lotion and oil away from your new piercing.

Do spray tans protect you from sun?

not likely, a spray tan is like a coat of dye, the UV rays still go through and naturaly tan the skin