Is it bad for babies to walk at an early age?

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It is good in fact. It helps babies with balance and muscular development.
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If you and your boyfriend love each other and will do anything for each other should you have a baby with him at an early age of 16?

Answer . \nNo! It takes time to really get to know each other. Right now the stars are in both your eyes, the world is your oyster and life is a bowl of cherries, but this feeling will fade a little and reality sets in. There is nothing wrong with doing it right ... having your relationship, s ( Full Answer )

Is it bad to have a baby at the age of thirteen or is it ok?

It is bad for several reasons: 1) You are not physically mature enough to carry the child easily. 2) You are not an adult yet so you don't have the maturity needed to do the job well. Raising a child is very hard and very important to do well. If you are a child yourself, then you are far from ( Full Answer )

Is it bad to have a baby at the age of thirteen?

Answer . \nYou're not a bad girl, but you are far too young to be having a baby. Baby's take up a lot of time and constant worry. To have a baby now would ruin your life and there is so much to see and do out in the world before you settle down to marrying and having children. \n. \nThink of ( Full Answer )

Is it good if baby hamsters walk at age of 2 weeks?

Baby hamsters will start walking at around 10 days old foraging for food, although at this time they are still blind and the eyes have not yet opened. The eyes open at 14 days old.

At what age do babies walk?

On average, a healthy child will begin to take its first steps between the ages of 10-15 months. Yes, males do tend to walk at a later age than females..

Why do I have Bad cramping in early pregnancy?

I have the same problem at 4 weeks... but struggling to find answers too!! Sorry can be of more help but will certainly be revisiting this page to see if anyone's posted anything... Mine were really bad.. to the point where i couldn't walk for 40 mins ;o(

Is it bad for people to walk on your back?

No. If you feel no pain, or very little, and it's doing what you desire, ie: relieving stress, making pain less evident, it's alright. Everyone does it, including massuses.

Would having a baby at an early age ruin your life?

No. It would change your life. Every decision that you make in life has the potential to ruin or enhance your life. A baby is the most special thing that can happen to someone. It will bring challenges, can bring hardship, heartache, and headaches but a baby will bring love. A baby is a small you. A ( Full Answer )

Are walking sticks good or bad?

Both, sometimes they can be bad, like if they eat your plants, then they're bad. But they are also good, because i think they eat bugs also.

Is smoking bad in early pregnancy?

It isn't good for mothers or babies. Smoking can cause complications such as premature birth, low birth weight and miscarriage. It also causes asthma. Over 1,000 babies die in the U.S. each year because their mothers smoked cigarettes while they were pregnant. Please see the related links for ( Full Answer )

Is my baby at risk if she isn't walking at the age of 1?

The average age would be somewhere around 12 months. But average for babies across the world has nothing to do with it. What matters is what is average for your baby. You have babies that are pulling up as early as 5 months and walking as early as 7 months, or even earlier. You have babies that ( Full Answer )

How bad are the cramps in early pregnancy?

Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. I had cramps during my first pregnancy which felt a lot like period cramps, but I did not have cramps during my other two pregnancies. They usually disappear after the third month (12 weeks.)

What age is itr when a baby chimp can walk?

Baby chimpanzees grasp their mothers fur and ride around for about6 months. After that they are weaned and begin to walk and buildtheir own nest.

What is the average age that a baby starts walking?

The average age would be somewhere around 12 months. But average for babies across the world has nothing to do with it. What matters is what is average for your baby. You have babies that are pulling up as early as 5 months and walking as early as 7 months, or even earlier. You have babies that ( Full Answer )

What is the age of the youngest baby to walk?

\nI was walking at 6 months old, never crawled apparently. By 9 months old i was running around. I have plenty of photographic evidence. I also grew tall early and stopped growing at 13, i am 171cm and female. I could also read and write before Kindergarden.

Is fat bad for you if you go on a walk?

\nany kind of fat can clog your arteries even if you do walk. It's still going to be there. But you're weight wise, it would help to walk.

Is seven months too early for a baby to walk?

Not if he/she is supporting his/herself. The problems with bowleggedness occur when parents "force" their children too early. If he/she is walking without support, it would seem that he/she is ready to explore and can do so without your assistance. Your baby would not be standing/walking unsupported ( Full Answer )

Is it bad to walk on your toes?

It is good for the arches in your feet, but if you do it too much without stretching your legs it can shorten your calf muscles and make them inflexible. It can also put strain on your ankle and toe joints.

At what age can a baby hamster walk?

These animals grow at a slow rate. They can sorta crawl at about 3 weeks old. They should be able to walk well at 5 to 6 weeks old.

Why its bad not to walk your dog?

Well it is just like you not exercising at all and what happens when you don't exercise? You gain wait & become unfit. Your dog will be really unhealthy and be very bored. Let them explore your neighbourhood so they know where to go if they get lost.

What age can you have a baby at?

Actually you can start conceiveng a child when you start you period, but it is recommended to wait until marrige.

Is walking bad?

no walking isn't bad for u its healthy for u if u walk a lot you will get healthier . (i meant are there any bad thing's about it? i need it for a school project)

How do I get my baby to walk?

All babies walk on their own schedule, so just be patient, he or she will walk when they are ready. Normal range is about 10 - 18 months.

Is it bad if you get your period early?

No. It could be you are changing cycles to match a new female you're around often. The every 28 days is not for every woman. Some women are 30 while others are 26. If you get your period early consistently you may want to see your gynecologist so he/she can do an exam to see if there is an underlyin ( Full Answer )

Can pushing a baby to walk early be harmful?

I would recommend letting them crawl first; studies show that kids who crawl first have better cordination but when you are trying to get them walking, make sure you have a good eye and watch! Same with climbing stairs!

What age is a baby?

I'm pretty sure that ages 2 and up are considered a toddler, so a baby would be from 1 second old to the day before it turns 2!

What age to have a baby?

people can have a baby at any age only if the woman have their period

Is it bad to start a period early?

Sorry the question is not asked in the way, to have e proper answer. What is the age meant in the question as early? Evolution and growth of the system tor one girl to start menustration depends on many factors (individual growth, hormonal functioning, race, climate etc. etc). May be for the cold an ( Full Answer )

What is the bad effects of early marriage?

Here are a few answers: 1. Marrying too quickly 2. Financial hardship 3. Lack of emotional maturity 4. Being overwhelmed by parental responsibilities 5. Personality clashes

Which is correct in early age or at early age?

Neither. If talking about time frames and eras it would be 'in the early ages' or 'in the early days of the age.' If you are talking about a person, it would be 'at an early age.'

How do you get your baby to walk to you on your baby girl ds?

Encourage your baby with the rattle when she is looking at you to make her get up and encourage her once again with your voice or the rattle to make her walk towards you. This is what the doctor said. But what i am going to say is close to what the doctor said first shake the rattle in front of your ( Full Answer )

Why baby can not walk?

In my point of view it's because their bones aren't fully delvelpoed as we have.. so that's why and they are not formed..even know for a 16 year old person will still have some bones that aren't fully delepoed .. like mushed up bones still aiting to be develpped

How were early people able to walk over to the americas during the ice age?

During the last glaciation people were able to cross because of two things; the global reduction in sea level and the fact that the Bering Strait area was relatively dry due to lack of precipitation, which meant very little snow or ice. This had also happened during previous ice ages in the other di ( Full Answer )

Are babies bad?

Well, that depends. The main thing babies do are cry, poo, Eat, and sleep. If you don't like that, then you probably shouldn't have kids. Or pets, if you're getting them solely because they look cute.

What do you feed a baby finch who fell out of the nest in an early age?

Did you already touch the finch? Usually it is not a good idea to touch the finch because the mother of the baby will not return if it smells human scent on their baby. If you haven't touched it yet, I would wait a few hours and see if the mother returns to take care of her baby...If not, it would b ( Full Answer )

When does a baby bush baby start walking?

Bush babies are probably like other prosimian primates, and start exploring their world (close to their mother) within a week or two of birth.

How do you age baby?

However you like, really, but almost always people stop counting by the month by around age 3 years.

Are baby mittens bad for the baby?

No...they are pretty good at stopping the baby from scratching themselves accidently. There nails grow incredibly fast and they often can hurt themselves otherwise.

Is walking a dog is bad?

No, it is actually good because you and your dog can bond and your dog will be more comfortable with you...

How bad does scoliosis affect walking?

It depends how bad you have it. If your curve is huge then you'll have a hunch back , if its around 60 degrees like mine was, then your back would have been forming into a hunch back and that didnt really affect my walking but it caused alot of pain.

Can a kid get a job at age 12 in Canada and if you can please Canada Calgary and i don't mean dog walking or baby sitting?

Under employment law a person who is 12 years old is defined as an adolescent. There are special rules for hiring anyone under the age of 18. For one thing, no one can employ a child under the age of 16 during regular school hours as by law children of this age are required to be in school. There ar ( Full Answer )

Why were the early years of Jamestown bad?

it may have had something to do with the falciparium and or vivax form of malaria that was prevalent in this region. Add to that the poor choice of location of the settlement( near to the coast where ground water was often salty and land turned to marsh during wet periods). Also the inability of the ( Full Answer )