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yes, it is bad to have to many credit cards because it shows that you are able to spend this at any time you should keep 2 cards with the longest good credit history and cancel the rest. also to improve your credit history more spend $100 dollars and make monthly min. payments to show that you can pay off something and your credit score will really improve.

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Q: Is it bad for your credit to have too many credit cards even if they are paid off in full every month?
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What can you do to make a credit score strong?

Use credit wisely. Do not use all of your credit (or even most of it) and pay your bills on time. ALL bills. EVERY month.

If you have 3 credit cards in collections and were told not to pay because it won't help your credit score but every month the balance keeps going up isn't this hurting your score even further?

You were given bad advice. You should attempt to work out payments with the creditors.

Is it true that you can be excluded from all credit reporting even if you have credit cards?


How do you get a loan without a cosigner?

You need good credit and/or a good income. Start by applying for Store Cards at Sears, certain clothing stores, or even a gas card and using it every month and paying your bills on time. This will build your credit rating and increase your chances of getting a loan.

Do you have a credit score if you do not have any credit cards?

Yes, it is possible to have a credit score even though you don't currently have any credit cards. If you have ever applied for credit of any type then you are likely to have a credit score.

How many digits does a card number have?

Most credit and debit cards have sixteen digits. American Express cards have fifteen. Even fifteen digits is enough to allow every single person on Earth to have over a thousand credit cards, which is why it's unlikely that a random string of digits will turn out to be a valid credit card number.

What state accepts credit cards?

all states accept credit cards there arent any that do not accept use of a credit card. I think other countries even allow the use of a credit card

How do you rebuild your credit?

The simplest way is to pay all of your bills, on time, every month. For example, being late--even by a minute--will cause your interest rates to rise on your credit card (and, if you have universal default clauses, will make the rates on other cards rise). Second, try to use less than 30% of your available credit. In other words, say that--if you add together all of the credit limits of all your credit cards--your available credit totals $10000. Don't put more than $3000 (30% of $10000) on your credit cards. If you use too much of your available credit, it looks like you can't manage your money well. Don't make credit lenders think you're living beyond your means.

How does interest free credit cards benefit people?

Interest free credit cards benefit people by making it impossible for them to run into credit card debt. Even if they keep a balance on their credit card, which is most people.

Which credit cards offer the best interest rate for people with poor or fair credit?

Well, I would recommend Visa or MasterCard because they offer great services with their credit cards, even for people with poor or fair credit scores. They also have very low interest rates for their credit cards.

Is a widow obligated to pay for her deceased husband's credit cards even though she is not on the credit cards in Arizona?

Money that goes to his estate needs to pay off the account.

Do people use credit card generators in scams?

No people do not use credit card generators in scams. People find out authentic credit card numbers by theft of credit cards or even scanners that can scan cards in a person's pocket.

Where can one find credit cards with 0 on purchases?

There are a lot of credit cards that offer 0% interest initially. Citibank, Capital One (especially), Chase, and HSBC all have them. There are even gas cards offering this.

What are credit cards?

A credit card is something that is like a loan. People use their credit cards at stores and the credit card company automatically pays the store back. Then you basically pay the money back that you borrowed from the credit card company over a few months. A credit card is a card that allows you to borrow money for paying your purchases, for a product or a service, with a set limit. The card may be used repeatedly, until the set limit is reached. At the end off every month, you have an option to repay the whole amount; or only a fraction of the whole amount you owe; even a minimum amount. Credit cards are issued by banks, savings and loans, retail stores, and other businesses.

How a Secured Credit Card Works?

Many people with poor credit wonder how they can ever begin to rebuild their credit. After all, it's hard to get approved for loans or credit cards with a poor credit score. A secured credit card is one way of rebuilding a poor credit score. A secured credit card is not the same thing as the regular credit cards that you get advertisements for in the mail. They are "secured" because you have to support the credit card with funds. For instance, if someone has a secured credit card with a $500 credit limit, they must pay $500 to the credit card company in order to access the funds on their credit card. In that way, it is somewhat like a prepaid debit card. However, the deposit is held as long as you use the card. Your deposit is returned to you when you close the card. Typically, secured credit cards start out with low credit limits. You can get a higher credit limit in a few different ways. Regularly paying off the card or making consistent, on-time payments may qualify you for a credit limit raise. Some companies require you to add to your initial deposit to get a higher credit limit. Secured credit cards can help consumers build their credit scores with all three credit bureaus. The entire credit limit is reported to the credit bureaus, and every payment that a consumer makes on a secured credit card is reported to the bureaus. As the on-time payments build up, the credit scores will begin getting higher. To get the most out of secured credit cards, consumers should use it monthly for a few small expenses. Pay it off every month to avoid interest charges; secured credit cards are known for having high interest rates. Most secured credit cards have a number of fees associated with them. Many cards charge an application fee, although it is possible to search around and find a card that doesn't have an application fee. Every secured card has an annual fee, due to the added work of holding a deposit and giving credit to a credit-poor consumer. Some banks do take advantage of consumers who need secured credit cards; some charge so many fees that the majority of the card's credit limit is used up before the consumer can even use it. To avoid this, consumers should look for cards that do not have an application fee, monthly maintenance fees, or fees for paying online. When used correctly, secured credit cards are a safe way for consumers to start rebuilding their credit scores. They can help people rebuild their credit without paying high interest rates on a large balance every month.

Are secured credit cards good for your credit?

Secured Credit Cards can be a great way to repair your credit. I started off with no credit and ended up getting a secured credit card to start the building process. I recommend going with one of the major credit card companies like Wells Fargo or Capital One. After 6 months to a year you can usually ask to have your secured credit card upgraded to a unsecured credit card. Be sure to read all the fine print and never be late on a payment as the interest rates are normally very high and you'll end up hurting your credit score even more. They can be a great tool but be sure to use it properly and pay the card off in full every month.

Advantages of Business Credit Cards?

Many people are afraid to use credit cards because they are concerned about overspending, but business credit cards can be a very useful tool to help a business grow and streamline their financial process. Prepaid credit cards are a very good alternative to regular business credit cards because they allow the business owner to limit the amount of money that is spent each month. Business credit cards can be used for virtually all business expenses and are a great way to keep track of the costs of doing business and isolate their business expenses from personal expenses. All transactions are itemized on the monthly statements, so it is simple for the business owner to keep the statement as a record of the business' expenses. All of these expenses can be paid monthly with one payment, rather than many individual payments to different companies. The ability to buy products online or over the phone is another benefit of using business credit cards. In today's market, most companies can save time and money, as well as get a larger variety of supplies for their business by shopping online rather than in a store. The business is also protected against fraud when they are using a credit card. This protection is not available to business owners who pay their expenses using cash or check. Some credit card companies offer other benefits to customers who use their business credit cards, such as reward points, airline miles, or cash back. These rewards often add up quickly when business customers are using their credit cards to pay for all of their expenses. The business owner may even receive points for every dollar spent by their employees who use company credit cards, depending on the individual card's policy. Some credit cards even offer other benefits such as travel insurance or rental insurance at no extra cost. Giving business credit cards to employees who often order supplies or conduct other company business is much more convenient than writing a check for the expenses, and spending limits can be placed on the cards so that the employees cannot overspend when using their business credit cards. Business owners who trust their employees can simply check the statements every month to ensure that only business expenses are being charged on the credit card and don't have to individually approve every purchase. There are many advantages to using business credit cards, as long as they are managed carefully. There are many companies who offer credit cards to business owners. The business owner should carefully compare the rewards and interest rates of several credit cards before deciding which card is best for their business.

Does closing cards yourself affect credit score?

Yes, closing old accounts negatively impacts your credit score because it shortens your length of history which makes up 15% of your credit score. Keep you old credit cards open, even if you don't use them.

How do you get a credit card with no credit history?

There are available credit card companies that offer a chance for people to have credit cards even though they don't have a credit card history. Even people who have a bad credit card history can still be a candidate for the application. Though it will be harder for one to get his/her application granted.

Do you have to pay Xbox live monthly or yearly?

From what I am aware of, you have to go to a store that sells the XBOX Live cards and that gives you a subscription of a month, 3-months, etc. You can go on the xbox webpage to find out the month, three month, or year membership cost and even do credit card subscriptions there.

What are the best company credit cards on the market?

On the market, the best credit card companies for first-timers are Chase and Bank of America. Additionally, if those don't work for you, then you should try store cards like Target, or even gas cards.

What are o credit cards?

Do you mean 0% credit cards? If this is the case it is when you have no interest on purchases. However you cannot miss one payment or even be late one day with a payment or it will adjust to a regular rate.

How might one get a cash reward with credit cards?

Nowadays, most credit cards give cash rewards. It depends on what kind of credit card suits your needs. Royal Bank, BMO, even CIBC offer this type of cash rewards.

Is the husband responsible for a credit card debt if he and his wife are not legally divorced but she has credit cards in her name only and racks up a large debt?

Yes, you are married. For years I didnt even work or have credit cards, but I established credit due to my husbands last name, because we are married.

Is it true you can improve your credit score dramatically by having someone with good credit add your name as a cosigner to one of their credit cards even if you never use it?