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It doesn't ruin the enamel, but it can crack your teeth. It's like bending a stick of regular gum and then putting it in the freezer for a few hours and bending it. It is more likely to break after being in the freezer. If you have a habit and have to chew ice, try chewing crushed ice or slushies. I have also heard, but don't know how true it is, that if you crave ice, it could be a sign of anemia.

Lizzie is right about the craving for ice being a sign of anemia. I wouldn't have believed it, but my wife used to eat a couple of glasses of ice every day. She stopped doing that after she was treated for extremely low iron and potassium levels.

I found out almost a week ago I am anemic. In the last month and a half I have been eating a lot of ice (which I thought was a bit odd for me) and was having all the other classic symptoms as well. I didn't tell the doctor about the ice because, until I found this message board, I had no idea a craving for ice was a symptom! I see the doctor today, so I am going to ask him about this. So if you'll excuse me I need to get another glass of ice! P.S. I do find that the crashed ice is better.

I eat ice all the time. Im telling you i LOVE ice. I have a refrigerator that makes ice and crushed ice. Its the best. The thing is i only eat the crushed ice so i guess im not doing much harm to my teeth.

Hey I love to chew ice and my sister tells me all the time that it ruins the enamel so I slow down on it but I have to have it. Like my mom buys me ice every 2 days. I like the sonic ice. But I dont know what to do and what to believe. -Breanna Samuels

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Q: Is it bad for your teeth to eat ice?
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Is it bad for kids to eat ice?

yes it can damage there teeth

Is eating ice bad for the teeth?

yes. it is very bad for your teeth it will crack them

Is it bad to eat ice during pregnancy?

It can harm your teeth, but doesn't cause harm while your pregnant

Is eating ice bad for your health?

Of course eating ice is not bad for your health--it's just water. Eating ice is bad for your teeth--it causes your teeth to grind down & grinding your teeth is bad which wears off the enamel. I had to get bone lengthening surgery from years of candy, ice chewing, grinding my teeth to put several crowns on.

Is mentos bad for your teeth?

Mentos isn't bad for your teeth but still rinse out with water after you eat them

Is eating ice from the ice maker bad for you?

May be bad because the great temperature difference between ice and body; also it is not good for teeth.

What happens if you eat too much ice?

If you eat too much ice teeth will be tiny. My neighbor does it all the time and his teeth are about the size of a piece of rice, length wise.

Do horses eat peppermints?

They will probably eat them, but it is really bad for their teeth.

How do horse teeth make them survive?

because a horse needs teeth to be able to eat. if a horse has bad teeth then they find it hard to eat and if they dont eat anything they starve.

Is ice bad for dogs?

NO! Ice chips help to sharpen there teeth and also makes for a cheep treat:)

Is it okay to eat ice?

It is ok to eat ice but only ice that you put only in drinks.

Can you eat chocolate and ice cream everyday?

if you want to have crappy teeth

Why is it harmful to eat ice?

It's not all that harmful to your insides, but ice chips teeth pretty effectively, and that can lead to vulnerable spots in the teeth over time.

Why is having bad teeth bad?

you have to go to the dentist and have lots of treatment and not eat any sweets it might be tsty but so bad 4 your teeth:) xx

Can a Yorkie eat ice cream?

As long as it has teeth, it can eat anything. Be careful, though, as certain things may be toxic or harmful, such as ice cream.

Is eating ice cream bad to eat after colon oscophy?

yes, do not eat ice or cool food after illness.

What happens to your teeth when you eat ice?

it can break any fillings you have but besides that nothing!

Is candy real?

YES lots of people eat it, but it is bad for your teeth.

What happens when you eat ice?

It's basically like drinking water? But chewing on solid ice could damage your teeth.

What will happen if you eat ice with braces?

If your teeth are still sore and sensitive from when you got your brace on, then you should suck the ice cube rather than biting it, because this could make them hurt really badly, but only for several seconds. However, if your teeth feel fine, then you can bite, or suck the ice and nothing bad will happen, apart from maybe freezebrain! :)

Why is sugar bad for your teeth?

Technicallly it is not sugar which is bad for our teeth..... It is acid that is bad for our teeth WHEN you eat sugar{Rice.potato,milk,starch,corn,ice cream,cake cookie(are sugar too)} bacteria comes and eat sugar and leave a by product behind which is acidic or other words bacteria eat the sugar from your mouth or teeth and urinate or defecate there...the bacteria s pooh defecation urination is acidic which is harmful ......Acid destroys the enamel(strong coat)of your teeth and when your enamel is destroyed,you will have teeth cavity and toothache. So eat sugar but immediately brush after that....Cocokola, Pipsi and soda are full of acid killing your teeth....even lemon and orange juice...Quickly drink water after lemon or orange juice at least. By Muhammad Mehernosh Haidary

Why after brushing your teeth everything tastes bad?

because of the toothpaste you should not even eat after brushing youre teeth

When you eat ice is it bad what will happen?

It's not bad for you unless you're suffering from hypothermia.

What causes of bad breath?

you will have bad breath if you do not brush your teeth oviously, also it depends on what do u eat

Is it bad to eat ice when you are making a baby?

only if you are one