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Is it bad for your teeth to eat ice?


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2015-07-16 18:08:06
2015-07-16 18:08:06

It doesn't ruin the enamel, but it can crack your teeth. It's like bending a stick of regular gum and then putting it in the freezer for a few hours and bending it. It is more likely to break after being in the freezer. If you have a habit and have to chew ice, try chewing crushed ice or slushies. I have also heard, but don't know how true it is, that if you crave ice, it could be a sign of anemia.

Lizzie is right about the craving for ice being a sign of anemia. I wouldn't have believed it, but my wife used to eat a couple of glasses of ice every day. She stopped doing that after she was treated for extremely low iron and potassium levels.

I found out almost a week ago I am anemic. In the last month and a half I have been eating a lot of ice (which I thought was a bit odd for me) and was having all the other classic symptoms as well. I didn't tell the doctor about the ice because, until I found this message board, I had no idea a craving for ice was a symptom! I see the doctor today, so I am going to ask him about this. So if you'll excuse me I need to get another glass of ice! P.S. I do find that the crashed ice is better.

I eat ice all the time. Im telling you i LOVE ice. I have a refrigerator that makes ice and crushed ice. Its the best. The thing is i only eat the crushed ice so i guess im not doing much harm to my teeth.

Hey I love to chew ice and my sister tells me all the time that it ruins the enamel so I slow down on it but I have to have it. Like my mom buys me ice every 2 days. I like the sonic ice. But I dont know what to do and what to believe. -Breanna Samuels


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yes it can damage there teeth

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yes. it is very bad for your teeth it will crack them

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It can harm your teeth, but doesn't cause harm while your pregnant

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Of course eating ice is not bad for your health--it's just water. Eating ice is bad for your teeth--it causes your teeth to grind down & grinding your teeth is bad which wears off the enamel. I had to get bone lengthening surgery from years of candy, ice chewing, grinding my teeth to put several crowns on.

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Mentos isn't bad for your teeth but still rinse out with water after you eat them

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