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Digital pen an output or input

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Q: Is it bad if you placed a picture of a dead person who you once admired as your profile picture?
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Why would someones post be hidden on your page on Facebook?

One reason would be that the person has placed you on their limited profile. This means you can only see part of their posts and profile. Another reason would be that you have blocked the person's posts so that they do not appear on your feed.

What pictures are suitable for a thank you card?

A really neat thing to do is take a picture of the person as they open the gift that was received. Then have that picture placed on the front of your thank you card. Otherwise choose a picture that goes along with the theme of the party or ceremony.

Erica painted a picture. picture has an area of 3600cm2 and is square. she placed the picture in a frame that is 5cm wide what is the perimeter of the picture frame?


Can a person with titanium staples have a CT scan?

yes, they may need contrast though to get a better picture. M.R.I.are not recommended, but it depends on the year the titanium was placed.

How do you use CSS on MySpace?

You can add CSS to your 'about me' section in 'Edit Profile' under the 'Profile' menu of the top bar. It should function like normal when placed there.

How to get a senior supervisor badge?

You need to have been appointed a senior supervisor and then a badge will be placed on your profile.

How to get placed in Google?

If you have a public profile on any social media, you will be placed on A Google search. Simply Google your name to find details of yourself that are made to the public.

What is a nice picture hanging system?

A nice picture hanging system is a picture frame. By placing a picture into a frame, one can view and appreciate it while it is placed at eye level on a wall.

How do you scan a picture onto your Dell computer and to where does it go?

How do I scan a picture onto my Dell computer, and where does it get placed? Under what? Thank you, BluMelody

Where should be the photo of dead person be placed according to vastu?

where should be the photo of dead person be placed accordingto vastu

Why isn't word important than the picture in newspaper?

The text is important, the picture is just to grab your attention. Once someone's attention is placed on something they will read to find out what the picture is about.

How was a person placed in a level?

they were ranked by how special they were.

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