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Well that depends on why you're wearing it... If you just like the necklace, I think it's fine. If you wear it because you're not over your ex-boyfriend, then I don't think it's a good idea. Better to make a clean break and not keep things around you that remind you of him all the time.

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Q: Is it bad that you still wear your ex boyfriends necklace that he gave you?
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Why does he stare at you and still wear the necklace you gave him even though he dumped you and has a new girlfriend?

it means that he still has feelings for you, even if he has a usually is a sign that he would be your boyfriend once again in life.

Why does Jill Duggar wear a heart necklace?

When Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard officially started courting, Derick gave Jill a heart necklace, and now she wears that necklace everyday.

What is Ron Weasley's sweetheart necklace?

In HBP Lavender gave a Christmas-present to her boyfriend Ron Weasley: it was a necklace with the text from golden letters Sweetheart; Ron felt ashamed and rejected to wear the necklace :(

Your boyfriend and you broke up but you're still friends should you wear the necklace he gave you?

I'd let it depend on the circumstances under which he gave it to you. If he gave it to you as proof of his feelings, then I wouldn't wear it anymore since by breaking up you agreed they're not there anymore. Additionally, you may want to stop wearing it at least when you get a new boyfriend, because he might not like you wearing a present of your ex. P>If you like the necklace, and you're still friends, sure! This can help both of you build a stronger friendship and help him feel that his gift was appreciated.</P>

Can a man wear a necklace?

Of course a man can wear a necklace.

What does it mean when you wear your ex-boyfriends boxers after a break up?

it means he still turns u on, and ur not over him...

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What is a good idea to do with your boyfriends class ring other then wear it as a necklace?

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What does it mean if everyday a guy you like wears a necklace you gave him?

They could quite possibly like you. Normally, it is a sign that they cherish the gift that you gave them, so they have an obligation to wear it every day.

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