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Is it bad to drink soy milk before bedtime when you're sick?

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No but it is important in building bones, teeth, and calcium is necessary for body functions including the heart, muscles and hydration especially in growing kids. It also has triptophan that makes you sleepy if you drink it by itself. People drink it just before bedtime.

Only water is acceptable to drink before a blood test. Milk has fats and sugars which can elevate your levels.

no but you can drink dog milk

Cows don't drink milk, only cow babies - calves - drink milk. And it comes from their udders, which are pretty far down on their stomachs, just before their hind legs.

Yes, and you can drink it before or while eating rice, if you wish, as well.

When their utters are heavy you can start milking them. You should probably filter the milk before you drink it straight, but you can start cooking with the milk straight away

You can force a bird to drink milk, but it doesn't drink milk on it's own

Milk is a Dairy drink.

Even 2% milk has the potential to induce allergies and in any case may not be digestible. When newborns start with dairy products (they should be a year old ) 2% milk should not be used to completely substitute formula as it lacks vital nutrients. Consider it as an alternative to water for day use. Don't give milk to a baby in their bottle before bedtime as it is bad for their teeth.

yes chocolate milk is a drink it is milk, milk is a drink so if you add chocolate it will be the same but chocolaty,

no but they can drink 2% milk. they will not drink non fat milk.

No. Cows don't need to drink milk: they drink water, not milk.

Muscle milk is a formula that is meant to help your body grow lean muscles. No supplement is required, but some bodybuilders have reported success with muscle milk, either by drinking it before a workout and sometime after, or drinking it before bedtime is also popular.

It depends on which antibiotic is involved... but in major times, you can drink milk if you wait at least 2 hours after AND 2 hours before you take your antibiotic.

no, if you drink milk after eating hot Cheetos it will take the hotness away( in 10-15 mins) i have tried it before

no it does not milk is a very good drink to have after a work out but not as much before your workout.


No. Cows drink water, not milk.

Koalas drink their milk from their mother.

The word drink can be a noun, as in, milk is a nutritious drink, and it can be a verb, as in, I like to drink milk.

I am assuming you mean your breast milk. Of course he can! We are humans and human milk is made for humans to drink even more so than cow milk! Although I would advise warning him before you use it in his morning coffee.