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Probably It is not a advisable to drink water without some sort of assurance of its safety


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Well you either throw up but it is bad and you have to be careful

Yes,It means that the inside of your body is dirty and might not drink water alot so you have to drink water alot to clean your body and make your pee clear and it has to make you pee alot when you drink water alot

A puppy can drink water from when he/she is born. There is nothing bad with water.

NO! water is the best thing for you. water has no calories, no sugar, and the the world will never run out of it. (well if the water is poisoned or contanamated then it would be bad) Our bodies are 70% water and we have to replenish our bodies with the wonderful stuff! Well...I've heard it depends on how much you drink. If you drink the right amount, sure, its all good but, drink to much, and it could affect your body's health. -Lolfacen

It is "bad" to freeze water and drink it only if you neglect to let the frozen water thaw first.

yes it bad to drink cold water while taking medicine

it is not clean so if u drink it u well get sick or die.

Then the water would be bad, which we drink it

Well you must state what you mean by "which works better." works better at what? well i think this is what you're talking about. Gatorade is better for a sport but water is much better for a sport or anything. You should just drink water, of course you can drink gatorade, its not that bad for you but don't drink it to much.

Mercury is a poison. So, is it bad in drinking water? Is it good to drink poison? My advice is: Don't drink poison.

no No water is not bad for teeth.Dentists use it to clean your teeth.You use it to brush.And you drink it.No its not bad.

Sulphur might smell and taste bad but it won't hurt you. Most well water in a wide majority of areas has sulphur in their water. Salt can help make the water taste better.

Yes because polluted water has bad chemicals that can make you sick.

because of earth pollution we now have to drink bad water that have been filtered.

Its not normal, but its not necessarily bad. Vitamin B12 has been known to cause that. what you need to do is drink more water that's all i need to say ok

Yellow is from protien. Bright yellow is OK. Dark yellow means you need to drink more water. Unless you feel bad somehow you sound OK to me. -------------------- If you are taking any vitamins or some medications, it can make your urine bright yellow.

It isn't bad to drink that much water, particularly if you live in a hot climate, are working out or work outside. It isn't necessary to drink that much in normal circumstances.

You actually can drink water after it is not impossible to drink water after though some say it is bad for yourself or more specific it may give you gas!

Water. Just about anything else is bad for them.

Its not. Quite refreshing, actually.

Yes, but it is bad for their health.

they can, it is just bad for their health.

If you mean in the memorial then the water becomes bad to drink and damage the lone wanderer and the creatures of the wasteland and the so called "Aqua pura" (clean water passed out by the brother hood of steel) Becomes bad to drink as well

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